Samosa – Indian Appetizer Recipe

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25 thoughts on “Samosa – Indian Appetizer Recipe

  1. secretsocietywinks

    Incorrect, you are NOT good at reading people, you are a sophomoric ass.
    It is very clear to us self aware grown ups, that Anjuna and Hetal have a solid, firmly established friendship. It is one of the reasons why the show works so well. And even if you think you are good at paralanguage; you don’t go around hosing people down with your so called ‘knowing’ because you may just be wrong (which you are) and hurtful. Stop projecting your insecurities and deal with it. Think, then speak and act!

  2. krishna bheda

    Hey Girls…. I did try the samosas as per the video and it turned to be superrrrr…. It was simply fantastic….. Thanks for the video 🙂

  3. wrongsidesxe

    I can read people “very good” too. It is usually tabloid-esque when I read comments like yours.
    The videos Anuja and Hetal have made have taught me a lot over the past few years and I am very grateful that they make these videos for us to enjoy.

  4. mirian593

    best recipe,made it,and loved it,also i made with muzarella cheese for my son,because he dont like the spice, thanks for sharing.

  5. 11knots

    What a useless comment, considering that all the other viewers obviously LOVE you two! Not quite sure what this person saw, but I think you two are fantastic together, and your friendship is clearly evident in your videos! Whomever this person is clearly cannot read people at all!!!!! Thanks for the great videos, keep on!

  6. lunhil12

    I have baked things and gotten the same results as frying with less oil, just brush some oil over them before baking.

  7. Adonis185

    ‘i can read people very good” it’s a proven fact many people think they can ‘read’ people. it’s also a proven fact..nobody can ‘read’ people, without knowing the relationship and situation.


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