Red Eye Recorded Feb 6, 2013, FNCHDCF

Tonight on Red Eye Greg welcomes Jonathan Hunt, Imogen Lloyd Webber in her British Stockings & Patrick Millsaps!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 thoughts on “Red Eye Recorded Feb 6, 2013, FNCHDCF

  1. netster007z

    The big picture there is that if Bush was president, this would be not ok, and Barbera Boxer would probably be pursuing impeachment.

  2. CraigBarduk

    Drones over us now eh? Anyone see where this is going, or better yet, the real reason that such a thing is happening now? Huh? Huh?

  3. bsmithgates

    Bill was really on in this episode. Imogen is such a wonderful person. It shows in every small detail. I just love her quirkyness and spunk.

  4. MrSerialxX

    Probably Greg’s most (insert words here) sweater. Every single time it gets the same reaction.. “Wow… really”.

    Thanks, dude.. cannot wait to see the show Devin Townsend will finally be on.

  5. Oriphym

    40:45 to 41:07 is hilarious. Bill’s joke, Imogen’s face, and Patrick’s “I’m an American. I don’t care.”

  6. reinhart567

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  7. 1oldlay

    I appreciate your red eye uploads, thank you…I can skip through the less desirable parts, the repulsive one as Gutfeld accurately tagged him.

  8. HDContentdump03

    They up really quick…but it takes youtube about an hour to process each show…so it is guaranteed that it will take 3 hours to upload 3 shows…


    Ugh, it felt like forever since you posted that a marathon will be airing soon- congrats bro, thanks to you the rest of us who are snowed in can enjoy some good ol fashioned Red Eye.


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