Plugging into Energy Independence with 150 MPG Vehicles (Part 1 of 2)

Plugging into Energy Independence with 150 MPG Vehicles (Part 1 of 2) – Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming – 2007-07-12 – Continuing its examination of promising technologies to cut our nation’s oil dependence and global warming pollution, this Thursday the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming will explore the potential of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Plug-in hybrids are similar to regular hybrids in that they have both an electric and gasoline motor, but are also fitted with an additional battery pack that can be plugged in, supplying enough power to travel 20 to 60 miles on a single charge rather than on gasoline. Combined with more renewable energy powering the electric grid, and cleaner ethanol fuels, plug-in hybrids can be a significant factor in the drive towards energy independence and putting the brakes on global warming. The hearing will be followed by a hands-on demonstration of the cars on the Capitol grounds. Witnesses: Frank Gaffney, President, Center for Security Policy; Rob Lowe, Actor and Advocate; David Vieau, President and CEO, A123 Systems; Will Wynn, Mayor of Austin, Texas. Video provided by the US House of Representatives.
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23 thoughts on “Plugging into Energy Independence with 150 MPG Vehicles (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Jose Martinez

    Tell what the batteries of electric cars do to the enviroment one they don’t last two they’re way to on p.a the town of temple is contaminated with chemicals say that ,i put my truck on propane is cheaper ,propane last longer than any fuel.

  2. damarh

    this is the most boring movie ever. that guy is just reading his script, didn’t even bother to memorize anything.

  3. lsl70

    Senator puzzled why things are made in China? It’s your unfair free trade agreements that ship all the business, and jobs to slave labor China. Why else is just about everything we use made in China?

  4. MysticInvestigations

    Big Oil lobbyists own Congress. They’ll do nothing. We should have had electric cars since the beginning of automotive history. Corporatism is a scourge that infests our government. If people want real change then we need a new type of election system that doesn’t require huge funds, and in turn favors from big donors. We need to end insider trading via foreknowledge of legislation, and insider info from lobbyists. Once the greed of wealth is removed then anything is possible.

  5. Ramiromasters

    Yea well everyone could have a home system same as NASA has been using in satellites that have been in service for 30 years. Or we could use the solar energy while in 1 house it produces only produces about 20% of what it needs in 10 houses it produces 200%…
    Electric companies have more protection than I would like so please… stop crying for them, they still have their unjustified monopoly and technology from 100 years ago.

  6. Ramiromasters

    The hybrids are tremendously INEFFICIENT they have a gasoline motor system adding weight to be carried along.

  7. Thomas Shaughnessy

    This is absolutely ridiculous. As our government backs hybrid technology, they’ve also been against coal fired electric plants because of CO2. – These electric plants have been regulated out of business.

  8. JumpnEvolution

    The oil baron’s murdered Mr.Stanley Meyer because he figured out how to run a vehicle engine on 100% water,it was tested and proven.Youtube-Stanley Meyers and you will see-The illuminati killed him! because he wanted the humanities to have clean/free fuel for vehicles.

  9. Gregg Hansen

    technology doesnt have to be hybrid. There is thousands of different ways to design engines to run more efficient. and infact there is engines that exceed 100 mpg running on just gasoline. The reason for this is the design and overall efficiency of these different engines. These engines are not mass produced on the account that the oil industries have bought the patents to keep consumption high.

  10. Gregg Hansen

    cars in the 50s were never meant to last for 30 to 50 years. in-fact cars from that time had no protection against corrosion, and rusted out much much faster then cars today. The only reason so many people think cars from that decade are so good is because any car from that time frame has been restored or fixed up in some way. If you find a car from the 50s that is untouched you will find it to be extremely rusted out.

  11. heartlessvietboy

    Hybrid + Electric Cars I would buy. Nissan Leaf. Mitsubishi iMiev. Ford Fusion Hybrid. Mercury Milan Hybrid. Toyota Prius plug-in. Mercury Mountaineer Hybrid. Chevy Volt. Ford Escape Hybrid.

  12. rustyscrapper

    lol lol at the girl talking about the battery disposal. They are recyclable and worth money for scrap metal and battery acid.

    You could probably design the batteries to be rebuilt too. Why not? Save the case, replace the rods, scrap the old rods for metal, reclaim the battery acid and use a catalyst to recover it. Put it back in. Rebuilt battery.

  13. rustyscrapper

    Pure elcetric cars are the way to go. They have so few parts, are light and efficient, accelerate quick, and are easy to maintain. You can either make them cheap disposable cars to be scrapped in 7-8 years when the batteries start to die. Or make them quality everlast cars that you can easily replace the battery and motors and generators every decade or less ish and keep the structure of the car for 30+ 50+ years like cars in the 50’s.

  14. rustyscrapper

    hybrid vehicles are terrible. Twice as many parts to break down. The batteries last about 7 years and replacement batteries cost about $5000.

    So when your hybrid is 7 years old do you want to put 5 grand into it? Then the generators in the brakes start to go. Then you have all the internal combustion engine parts simotaneously wearing out. It is like maintaining 2 cars in 1.

  15. ucheucheuche

    Wow, all this talk for over 10 years and we’ve only reached this discussion. Hybrids should be standard by now, and electric cars voluminous. Too slow for my lifetime; I’m checking out another solar system.

  16. mquiroz90

    hybrids other exist now just getting fully new thing than fossil fuel soon the old vehicles be gone by 2014 am i right


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