More Tales of the City Part 2 | Chapter 3

Mona and the ladies wait for the mystery guest to arrive at the Blue Moon lodge. Mona can’t contain her curiosity about the visiting Countryman. Muther Mucka the old Mutha Fucker has something in mind for Mona, she might find out who the mystery man is in a whole different way than she expected. Mona and Muther Mucka grow a little closer though when she shares with Mona that she used to have a son. A son that she cared for deeply and he ran away when he was 16. Meanwhile on the Mexican vacation, Mary Anne finds herself on the first night alone with Mr. Could Be Right.

8 thoughts on “More Tales of the City Part 2 | Chapter 3

  1. JimmySanders77

    Who are the gay guys at 6:07? I’d like to know more about them. How do they know about the lady being with a Chinese guy?  I suspect them knowing has to do with who sent the yin-yang message, but don’t know for sure and would like to know the details. Any info on either question would be greatly appreciated.


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