More Tales of the City Part 1 | Chapter 3

Mona is Balls to Wall High and ends up staying at the bus station. So what next, buy a ticket to Reno of course. Dee Dee has to give some tough love to her mother so she will stop moarning in the dark. Back at the bus station, a very fucked up Mona has an encounter with one spit fire of an old lady waiting to depart as well. She aint no fool dolly, she can tell Mona is fucked up right off the bat. Meet Mother Mucka from Winamucka, a kooky old lady from a very very very tiny town outside of Reno. Back at Barbary Lane, Brian comes home from work and kicks back by sparking up a doobie with Anna Madrigal. Over the pizza they share, Anna andt Brian talk about all the dips and loops of the rollercoaster of life.

5 thoughts on “More Tales of the City Part 1 | Chapter 3

  1. nixatnite

    what happened to the other straight guy maryanne hung out with. dont tell me he dint come into this series either!! oh man why all the character swaps?


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