Kadai Paneer – Vegetarian Indian Recipes

Detailed Recipe: showmethecurry.com

25 thoughts on “Kadai Paneer – Vegetarian Indian Recipes

  1. jinkee1877

    this looks really delicious.. i should try this tomorrow… ­čÖé by the way, have anyone of you tried the recipes from facebook and twiiter like real indian food recipes, real greek food recipes and real moroccan recipes..? i’ve tried some and´╗┐ they are all yummy..! anyway, happy cooking and happy eating ­čÖé

  2. nethrashines

    I love cooking & watch recipes from youtube.U guys are really innovative and talented.Most of your recipe videos are just excellent and I really appreciate that you guys allow the viewers to put their feedback(whether it is good or bad)for each of your recipe. There are some sites´╗┐ like manjula’skitchen.com or the videos uploaded in youtube by them they even don’t allow people to add comment which states some disliking or suggestions.´╗┐ They only keep the good comments posted to their video.LOL ­čÖé

  3. ShowMeTheCurry

    Lol…you are right. This is one of our older videos and we’ve learned a lot since then.´╗┐ Hopefully, you will get a chance to see some of our newer ones.

  4. ebaysingh09

    I ain’t waiting for no parties. I can’t´╗┐ wait to make this

    Ladies, don’t use transitions on your video. When you watch tv incl food channel, do you ever see transitions?

  5. aviengg100

    hi ladies your doing great but just suggestion can u plz. tie your hair atleast while cooking .people watching you´╗┐ coz of food LOL

  6. Mahalakshmi Ramachandran

    I tried ur kadai paneer recipe along with the phulka and the kadai paneer recipe´╗┐ came out great…loved it ­čÖé I did add a capsicum just for some colour and taste .

  7. ShowMeTheCurry

    Homemade “cottage” cheese made by scalding milk, adding´╗┐ an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar to curdle the milk and separating the milk fat from the whey.

  8. ShowMeTheCurry

    @TheBgcheez: We carry a similar one´╗┐ on our online Kitchen Store on our website. It is called a´╗┐ Kitchen Machine.

  9. Ryan Khan

    im a huge fan i made this as soon as the video came out (i was´╗┐ waiting for another paneer recipe from u two) and my mom n dad loved it. Thanks, 5 stars.

  10. TooLooseLeTrek

    Oh no, I wasn’t criticizing your video…I just like being a smartypants. What I referred to was the shape of the chili, flattened. I hear there are plenty of taxi cabs in Calcutta (I’m reading a book called “The Calcutta Kitchen”) and most of my dry chilies are´╗┐ bent and crinkled. The one in this recipe at 0:24 looks almost like it was ironed.

    Sorry. You know I love your videos.


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