Intro- San Francisco to Portland via the Oregon Coast – 10 Days in the Great Northwest

Our trip started in San Francisco and ended in Portland with the entire Oregon Coast squeezed in between. We ate authentic Chinese food in the USA’s largest China Town, as well as sampling Ghiredelli Chocolate, Dungenous Crab, Boudin Sourdough and Tillamook Cheese, and even some Carl’s jr (when I basically begged Janet to dine at the Carl jrs, she said ok, then muttered “i’m a lucky girl” ha) We saw the Castro, Haight Asbury, Golden Gate park and bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and the beautiful Bay. We dropped in at Coppalas winery after strolling through Muir woods. We visited a famous jewelry maker in Arcata, CA drove through a huge tree and hiked the RedWood Forest. We saw elk, deer, sea lions and hand fed squiirels. Our trip took us up the most georgious rocky coast we have ever seen through small towns and river inlets. We walked the beaches, hiked to see the largest Myrtlewood tree in Oregon, visited with a lighthouse keeper and a got to go behind the scenes of a famous wood worker. After touring the famous Tillamook Cheese factory we headed inland to catch up with a great friend that gave us a tour of Portland. We ate at Pok Poks, hiked the Columbia river area, saw incredible views and quirky folks. We ate at the famous french restaurant featured in NBCs Grimm and fell in love with the genuine kindness of the people there.
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9 thoughts on “Intro- San Francisco to Portland via the Oregon Coast – 10 Days in the Great Northwest

  1. Dan Traveling

    I hope you do, there are no pictures, words or videos that can describe what it is like to stand next to a huge redwood tree.

  2. Dan Traveling

    Thanks Bill, we have a bunch of fun stuff to post, each place we stopped was magical.. wow if I only knew what was out there when i was young I would have gone long ago…

  3. Dan Traveling

    Hi OsakaHugger, 1. Yes and 3.yes we hope to post several containing our journey. San Francisco, Arcata and the Redwood Forest, the beautiful Oregon Coast and several towns like Gold Beach, Coos Bay, Newport all the way up to Tillamook. Oh! and the Columbia River Gorge and Portland… Lots to do but really enjoying the memories related to doing the editing. sweet trip.

  4. Pvemaster2

    So you’re back now? Or have you not left yet?

    Are there going to be more videos!? (Most important question :3)


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