How to Make Red Curry Beef – SUB HERE! This recipe is absolutely delicious but you need to use red curry paste. You can buy it in Asian grocery stores or in the Asian aisle of your store. Print this recipe at
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25 thoughts on “How to Make Red Curry Beef

  1. pastryparrot1

    Hey there! Your cooking time might be reduced by a bit. Just check it and see how it is doing. As for cleaning my wok – I simply wash it with soap and water, being careful not to scratch it. If you have an electric on make sure not to submerge the electrical connection. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. smdl1994

    if i make the squash smaller, do i have to cook it in a shorter amount of time? and when you use a wok, how do you clean it? 😮 sorry i have so many questions lol

  3. missingremote

    APT 9 stories high. that’s way too high.
    been there done that – in pinetamare o napoli italy.
    now 2 or three stories max for me. primo piano

  4. CuteCatFaith

    I’ve had some real problems here. I work with a guy in French Customs. It doesn’t always work but has with this guy. He just needs to see I am running a tiny business and everything is declared. I hate writing letters to him in French longhand, however. It is dang tedious.

  5. lfi ng

    I have no doubt that this recipe is one delcious one…all by the sound of the meat cooking just convince more! Yay! Can’t wait to try it! Thank you Mary Ann!!!!! 🙂


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