How to Make Orange Chicken – Authentic Chinese Style

Here is a quick & easy to follow recipe for making Orange Chicken, authentic Chinese style. If you love Orange Chicken, you are going to love this recipe! Enjoy! Don’t forget to click on the SUBSCRIBE button to be the first t get all my newest recipes
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25 thoughts on “How to Make Orange Chicken – Authentic Chinese Style

  1. CookedOnChronic

    Wish I had this recipe before I ordered from a restaurant that made it with red dye swelling up my face & tongue! I will try this for sure! Thanks!

  2. snowblo1

    Oh wow, I don’t know how I missed this one, but it’s looks heavenly as all of Ming’s recipes do. And I think that I can totally do this with my gluten free all purpose flour, along with a mix of cornstarch to create my breading! Yah! Thanks Ming!!!!

  3. Mandy 'lette

    I live in South Texas, there is no such thing as “authentic” chinese food here, I’m glad I found this channel! I’m going to make this soon…


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