How to Make Hainan Chicken AKA Chicken Rice

Hainan Chicken is essentially fresh chicken steamed in its own juices accompanied with rice steamed in chicken broth. It’s a famous dish in Asia and has also been called Chicken Rice in Singapore. Focus on the cleaning of the chicken as it will be cooking with very little seasoning. Super delicious, it’s one of my favorite dishes that my Amah makes for me!

23 thoughts on “How to Make Hainan Chicken AKA Chicken Rice

  1. Hikarukam1

    nice one! thanks for uploading this although there are some other ways to make hainan chicken rice ur way look good! btw did u ever consider to take singing class? 😉

  2. TheAgentScarlet

    I think she means dont get frozen, if you buy the chicken with the head on etc its better for the stock besides I find this helpful because this is how they are sold in singapore and I didnt know why! – great vid thanks!

  3. Thomaz Chee

    Very good video. I’m living in Seoul and miss chicken rice so much. this is good. its a success for me. = ) thanks.

  4. Joe Schmo

    Here it is live:

    Here is the original song. (Sorry, no official video.)

  5. PsalmsNmyrrh

    Hi, here in the US, there are plenty of places to get live chicken. I live in nyc and they have a few places here with chicken, goats and other animals you can get fresh…they will cut it up for you at the store. There are many different cultures here so there are store for them. I myself never ate fresh meat like that before.

  6. sunflowerjellyfly

    I believe kosher rock salt (non-iodized) is much better in exfoliating the chicken and has better flavour.

  7. bowlineobama

    Thank you for making this video. This is the same way my mother cooks this dish. My father’s ancesters came from Hainan Island, and my mother told me that this dish is the most famous dish of Hainan. We eat this dish every Chinese New Year. I have seen other videos on this dish, but they have modified it from the original way. I don’t like that. Thanks again.


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