How to Make Coconut Rice – SUB HERE! Here’s a super easy recipe for coconut rice. Serve it with grilled fish, seafood, curries or anything you desire! Print this recipe at

25 thoughts on “How to Make Coconut Rice

  1. pastryparrot1

    Hi there! What I mean is for you to bring the liquid to a boil but make sure it will not boil over onto your stove. It should have already been boiling (since I am recommending that it stays in the pan)´╗┐ so, I apologize for the mumbo-jumbo! Thank you so much for watching and bearing with me! Have a great weekend!

  2. pastryparrot1

    This will serve 6 people as a small side.´╗┐ If you want to play it safe go ahead and make 1.5 cups rice and adjust the ingredients. Thanks for watching!

  3. horrixius

    Hi there.. How many would this serve.. I’m looking to serve a about 5 or 6 people do you have the measures you´╗┐ used etc

  4. A. DeFilho

    The Rice isnt supposed to be sweet however you will taste´╗┐ the coconut in the rice, I love serving mine with Pumpkin Curry or Potatoe Curry. mmmm yummy. However If I was to make mine sweet I would not serve with my entre more like a dessert or a appitizerer but that just me ­čśÇ

  5. pastryparrot1

    Hi´╗┐ there! I would add a TBS of sugar to make this sweeter. That would be fine! Thank you so much for your support! I really, really appreciate it!

  6. MegaMrsStyle

    Does this rice come out sweet? The coconut milk I have is unsweetened but I would like a sweet taste for the rice. Do you recommend I add sugar, If so how much? I look´╗┐ forward to making this dish, ive known about it for quite some time. This is my go to channel for cooking, I love it keep up the good work!!

  7. pastryparrot1

    Yay! I am so happy this worked for you! You can get a text version. Go to the website and search for the recipe on´╗┐ the left hand side. When you find it, click on it and you will find a link to the printed version at the bottom. Thank you for trying this out!

  8. Lydia Rene

    made this with the cilantro and is was HEAVEN!!!!! thank u so´╗┐ much, wish i could get a text version of the recipe!

  9. pastryparrot1

    Thank you so much! This is great information! I love´╗┐ it! I will definitely try the ginger and shallots next time! Have a wonderful week!

  10. adiaie69

    in malaysia or singapore, we call this as ‘nasi lemak’ (creamy rice/coconut rice) and it would be signature dish for breakfast… the basic way to eat this would be with chili paste(try find ‘sambal tumis’), fried anchovies, fried nuts, cucumber, n hard boiled eggs… it also good with curry and any other dishes… for more fragrant taste´╗┐ n smell, try put in some sliced ginger, shallots, n pandan leaf when u cook the rice…

  11. Periculis08

    That’s almost the same way I make´╗┐ coconut rice, but I’ve never added cilantro before, I’ll try that next time.


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