How to Make an Easy Vegetable Soup – SUB HERE! If you have little bits of this and that vegetable in the fridge don’t throw them out! Make a veggie soup! If you want to keep it completely vegetarian or vegan use water or vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. Print this recipe at
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25 thoughts on “How to Make an Easy Vegetable Soup

  1. chillwinston71

    Looks like a great hearty soup! I make a mean soup as well, using some mushrooms, red/yellow peppers and for a bit of zing i’ll throw in a few Jalapenos as well … Asparagus tips and sweet potatoes.. (Along with the corn,peas and all the other ingredients as well)… . It’s done!! – Maybe i’ll make some this weekend, and shred some fresh cheese on top 🙂

  2. CharlesAlwaysWins

    I recently got braces so I’ve been living off of ramen soup. I’ve gotten creative and boiled potatoes and added veggies but I could never get any flavor! Now I see how can’t wait to try this out!

  3. pastryparrot1

    Thank you so much for the tip! This pot is in storage now but, as soon as I can get my hands back on it, I will definitely give this a try! Awesome!

  4. solisvictor1991

    I stopped by some cooking channels that featured some good recipes, but you’re the only one who doesn’t waste too much time talk about whats on the wall over there. Smart, detailed enough to understand, straight to the cut and very useful 😀


  5. lulugemini

    My pot used to look dark like that. I used Soft Scrub cleanser to scrub the stained areas. Then I soaked it overnite in baking soda water. I looks real clean now.

  6. pastryparrot1

    I guess you could make a roux and add it to the broth. I really do not think you need to thicken this though. It has a lot of vegetable in it so a clearer, thinner broth might be better – in my humble opinion! Thanks for stopping by!


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