How to Cook Quick & Easy Chinese Recipes : Making Chinese Stir-fry Cabbage

How to make Chinese stir-fry cabbage; learn more about making Chinese food in this free cooking video. Expert: Hiu Yau Bio: Hiu Yau has been a home chef and occasional caterer for more than eight years. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and is familiar with Chinese cuisine, especially Southern Chinese dishes. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau
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25 thoughts on “How to Cook Quick & Easy Chinese Recipes : Making Chinese Stir-fry Cabbage

  1. marino1018

    aww super happy to find this video, both times i was in china i basically begged for cabbage every night from my host family. Now that im back home i miss eating it.
    And all the comments about his english, I’ve been studying mandarin chinese for 5 yearsnow and even went to one of the best highschool in beijing to work on my chinese for three months & chinese people can still tell im a foreigner. The same way we can tell he is too. Get over it!

  2. YOYOBOY666999

    That’s what I like to see, a concise vid with clear instructions on how to make something. Enjoyable and to the point.

  3. TheYaom

    he’s a real chinese man, I rather get a chinese recipe from him than from Jenny the white American girl from texas who makes the most amazing chinese cabagge in the world, or so she claims!

  4. Arabelle2009

    Stupid to make comments about ‘accents’. This is a cooking video. I’d rather get an authentic recipe, than a strange recipe from someone who speaks English perfectly.

  5. parmafanhk

    I am from Hong Kong. It is a very simple and authentic way to stir fry veggies; and we like it.

    His accent is as Hong Kong as mine.

  6. FlyingArmBarU

    what cracks me up is that this video got so many hits and the Ken Hom videos so few. This one dispells the myth that all chinese people can cook cinese food, this was the least inspirational recipe I have seen for quite some time, the wok is overfilled with cabbage so rather than fry it sits there and boils, the amount of water seeping out onto the plate when he dishes it up would put me off eating it. No soy, no oyster sauce, no chili and a very poor quality cabbage. Poor effort indeed.

  7. 1ovinghater

    Terrible recipe. Forget bashing his english, BASH HIS CRAP COOKING SKILLS. You don’t even need water and I’d add soy sauce instead


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