How to Cook Broad Rice Noodles (Rice Sticks) – Broad rice noodles (or Rice sticks) are very versatile and delicious! They go well with vegetable or meat dishes and they are definitely healthier if you cook them yourself compared to buying the pre-cooked and pre-packaged kind. You can purchase broad rice noodles at Asian grocery stores or online at: Please “Favorite” this video and tell others to support this channel. Thanks!! 🙂 **Click the “CC” button, then “Translate Captions” to change the subtitle language.** ❀ How to request a healthy recipe: ♥ Website: ♥ Facebook ♥ Twitter: ♥ Pinterest: Music by © 2012 Miki’s Pantry


  1. MikisPantry

    There are too many places that I like so I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up on writing reviews on Yelp, lol! I’m not a “foodie” or chase after good food, but I don’t like to pay $ for foods at “not so great” places…you know what I mean? That’s why I use Yelp and just read through the lines from what people say. I recently went to a Szechuan restaurant on Geary Blvd. called “Sichuan Home” and their food is SOO GOOD!!!!! They have really long lines there and great reviews on Yelp.

  2. LiLleaf1982

    Hehe cool…i dunno if i wrote a review for washington cafe & bakery, but if i didnt ill try to write a review 🙂

  3. MikisPantry

    hehe…nope, Bay Area girl all the way! Now we’re linked on Yelp…how awesome. I’ll read your reviews and check out the places that you mentioned! :]

  4. MikisPantry

    Great!!! 😀 Wow…you are so close to me! If I ever go to San Jose (which is often), I’ll have to meet up with you and eat somewhere good, lol (that’s if you don’t mind meeting strangers off the internet). ;]

    Hing Lung does have really tasty rice porridge and fried doughnut. I used to eat that every weekend when I was a kid. Talk about unhealthy…lol!

  5. LiLleaf1982

    Thx…ya she’s my world.

    Btw, in sf i eat at washington cafe & bakery if i go to sf. 733 Washington St, San Francisco, CA, 94108

    Otherwise hing lung in sf for porridge and rice noodle wrapped fried dough.

    I live in san jose ca. If u love chow fun…u gotta try cooking papa…their black bean sauce spare ribs chow fun is amazing and saucy. Plus their Shanghai dumplings there are the best.

    Im a small skinny foodaholic. So ask me if u wanna know great food places from diff areas. 🙂

  6. MikisPantry

    wow…congrats on being a mom and taking care of her! That’s hard work and I’m glad that you are there for her. It’s hard to find parents that are really there for their children. Any who……….I’m in San Francisco. What about you?

  7. LiLleaf1982

    Haha i grew up eating and loving the wet chow fun. Where do u live?

    Tiramisu is soooo yummy. One day i wanna make it, but im a full time mommy 24/7 since my baby girl has been born and she’s 9 months old now. I practically take care of her on my own….so no time but she’s worth all my hard work 🙂

  8. MikisPantry

    omg…I like wet chow fun too!!! I discovered that a few years ago and now I can’t stop ordering it whenever I go out with friends or family, lol

  9. Rahul Dev

    Miksi . . . wow . ..Loved the way you have helped me figure out my regular problem . . . .
    Actually I eat only these Rick Noodles and in India we call the Rick Sticks . . . . .
    I eat only these noodles because I have GLUTEN Intolerance . . . . . and I don’t eat any wheat products . .
    so could you please tell me some more ways to cook these noodles at home????

  10. Thomas Balsillie

    1 nice video bla bla bla, 2 and ,more important …love the thanks and customer friendly and please help spread the word messages….very important and so often missed.

  11. MikisPantry

    sounds awesome…I just buy the box kinds so they are healthier then the small bag “instant” kinds. Plus, I always read the food label, haha! That’s awesome that you make your own noodles… 😀

  12. biarnylr

    it depends on how I cut them….I have used them in stir fry, in stroganoff, or I cut them really wide and use them in lasagna…great thing about making them yourself is you know what is in them so they tend to be healthier than some of the store bought noodles 🙂


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