House Session 2011-12-14 (20:53:08-21:35:35)

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2 thoughts on “House Session 2011-12-14 (20:53:08-21:35:35)

  1. Uwiluz60

    This is wrong the republicans wanted the tax cut for ALL YEAR not 2 months to just keep rehashing this all year to give Obama something´╗┐ to run on ( Because his record stinks, so he can’t run on it ) Also they wanted the Keystone pipeline approved in it, because they know without blackmail…Obama won’t sign on it..Obama doesn’t get it… thousands of jobs and fuel for us..Instead he would let China get it..We won’t last 4 more years if Obama gets re elected Paul 2012 ! or anybody except !

  2. NewtsNews

    How are unemployment numbers going down?
    * 2011 U6 unemployment rate: 16.5% (rate used during 1930’s depression)
    * 2011 Monthly US Population Growth: 150k
    * 2011 Total Active College´╗┐ Class: 20.4 Million
    * 2011 Total Unemployed: 24 Million
    * 2011 Total Jobs Created: 1 Million
    1 million new jobs in 2011, how is that dropping unemployment numbers?

    It doesn’t take a mathematician to clearly see we have an issue and discontinuing unemployment is heartless and irresponsible.


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