Freezing Rain to hit Wisconsin on Sunday January 27, 2013

It will bring a lot of Freezing Rain and it will be very Icy Conditions in Wisconsin on Sunday January 27, 2013 and the roads and sidewalks will be very icy and cars will have a very hard time climbing up the hill and the cars will be sliding all over the road and get in the car accidents during the Freezing Rain. People in Wisconsin Be Prepared Order your Pizzas and Chinese Food Don’t Wait until the Last Minute do it right now and power lines and telephone poles will be covered with ice and power will go out and the power lines will be down during the Freezing Rain have your iPads Charged, iPods Charged, Cell Phones Charged and your Laptop and a Tablet Charged and have your 3G internet Ready and it will bring 15 MM of Freezing Rain in Wisconsin and it will be real hard to drive your Car during the Freezing Rain.

25 thoughts on “Freezing Rain to hit Wisconsin on Sunday January 27, 2013

  1. FriendshipWizard

    Thanks Frankie. Because of this video I ordered my pizza right away, and moments later the delivery driver hit a patch of black ice and crashed into an ice covered power line and got electrocuted.

    Best pizza in have ever had. Wisconsin is grateful to you Frankie MacDonald… God bless

  2. jjschultz101

    It just started here….FREEZING RAIN!!!!! OMG!!!!!

    : )

    Thanks for the alert…keep up the good work, young man!

  3. SchnazzyHangers

    Hey Frankie, thanks. We already got the snow so I shoveled it off and put down a lot of salt. Hopefully that will help.

  4. pursuing222

    Thanks for the warning Frankie! I live in WI.  But how come you didn’t tell us to order any pizza this time or any Chinese food?


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