Food recipe: Hainanese Chicken Rice

Food recipe: Hainanese Chicken Rice Food recipe: Hainanese Chicken Rice
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24 thoughts on “Food recipe: Hainanese Chicken Rice

  1. โดราเอมอน เปลี่ยนระบอบ

    The only mistake you made is calling it “Hainanese”. It is not.

  2. Johnny Sibangun

    diffrent people got their own style of doing chicken rice…the most important thing to do is,after the chicken is cook,dip it inside a cold water,so that the texture maintain firm,and the juice won’t dry out…anyway thats my comment only…great video….

  3. cassandrasoocy

    agreed! Need to dip in cold water then back to hot water . No need to “stuff” or marinate the chicken!. The rice need to add butter or chicken fat AND use the chicken stocks to cook rice. The chili sauce need to add some chicken stock too! WHERE is the ginger sauce??? The difference between Cantonese chicken & hainaness chicken rice is the GINGER sauce

  4. KittyKatzKarrie

    Can buy anywhere,go food court can buy as low as $1.50 for a considerable ammount and with soup and cucumber and tomato one! stupid tourist sia you

  5. TheAngelknives

    i agree with you.. after cooking the chicken it should be dump in a tub with water and ice.. so the moisture and the juiciness or the chicken will never lost..

  6. stevennowland

    This is the version my Malaysian friend makes… it is not the one I like best. I eat this at least once a week…. and always served with ginger/peanut oil/seseme oil/shallots… AND chicken broth… this is the traditional way…. I think!


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