Family Heritage and Birthplace – El Salvador

Family Heritage and Birthplace - El Salvador

In order to understand the family heritage, you must take into account the birth place and culture of where you were born and grew up. My grandfathers immigrated from Canton, China to El Salvador around 1890. It took 2 months to sail across the Pacific ocean. Thousands of miles away from their own families to start a new life. My father and I were born in El Salvador, my children were born in San Francisco, Ca. I grew up with the culture from El Salvador, a small and intimate country. The beach, the sand, the water, coconut trees, the volcanoes, the indian natives, all very colorful and I still remember most of it. However my grandfathers adapted to their new country and did not pass on any of the old country traditions. Many things will not be forgotten, the food, pupusas, the coffee plantations, the splash of surf in the night at the beach, the market place, all very good reminders of where I grew up. I share some pictures from El Salvador with you so you can understand where I come from. El Salvador. The littlest country with the biggest heart and hard working people. Please subscribe now to see more pictures like this video
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4 thoughts on “Family Heritage and Birthplace – El Salvador

  1. Erik G

    I have two salvadorian cousins that both´╗┐ look chinese. I’ve always been curious why. I can’t seem to find any information on chinese immagration to el salvador ­čÖü

  2. salvagator1

    Awesome video! I,m salvadorian too and my grandmother’s grandfather was chinese also, I was looking for a video that would explain how chinese people got to El salvador ,all I know is the stories she would tell us about this old skinny chinese guy with a long mustache who bearly spoke spanish and wore a long robe , she never said anything about how he got there ,and now she has passed away but I’m curious´╗┐ about that part of my family tree,hey maybe he came in the same ship,he settled in Izalco.


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