Dal Samosa – Mini – Lentil samosa or pie

Dal Samosa - Mini - Lentil samosa or pie

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25 thoughts on “Dal Samosa – Mini – Lentil samosa or pie

  1. SuperVeggieDelight

    Yes, everybody says different things´╗┐ but I try to keep it simple yet informative so I don’t have keep answering to all questions asked by novice. People who wants short cut can follow my written recipes on website…Thanx a lot for understanding…keep enjoying!

  2. enidblytonisque

    I honestly watch these videos of bhavna becos they r so´╗┐ detailed and give so much info so, think its fine. Sometimes we dont get the recipes right, becos the devil is in the detail and its very well communicated in these recipes of bhavna’s. But sure everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  3. mitch lola

    Irony is this clip was preceded by ad that showed racks of lamb in american wine country. Seems a little´╗┐ silly.

  4. SuperVeggieDelight

    You can bake at 350F till they get´╗┐ crispy golden brown color. Also don’t forget to watch my video of samosa pie.

  5. Sonia Chaudhary

    Wow that’s great news that you can bake instead of´╗┐ frying. How long would you bake them and on what temperature?

  6. SuperVeggieDelight

    I use Canola oil but you can always use oil referred by your doctor. All chutney recipes are´╗┐ posted on this channel….please watch them.

  7. hrachouhi87

    hi bavna
    thank you for posting this
    i have a question what kind of´╗┐ oil do u use for frying and do u have a recipe for the chutney?


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