Christmas Duck in orange sauce How to make recipe – l’orange chicken breast food

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23 thoughts on “Christmas Duck in orange sauce How to make recipe – l’orange chicken breast food

  1. SerpentLight213

    What is that third sound when you are frying the duck breasts? I hear you talking, the duck sizzling and… gurgling? Or something that sounds like gurgling. If I didn’t know better I would say you invited a couple of Aliens over for dinner :p

  2. glistninganalbeads

    If you are continuing to make youtube videos then i suggest you take some time out and get a hd camra, plan everything out nicly and make a awesome fun channel

  3. OriginalNakedChef

    You are very welcome and thanks for watching the vid!
    Hopefully when you get around to trying it, you will enjoy 🙂
    When I get time, I will do some more duck recipes.

  4. Mssuwarti

    wow look very yummy…gonna try this recipe. thank you for posting this video 🙂
    please upload more recipe how to cook duck….

  5. OriginalNakedChef

    Hi UncleStanky,
    Nice to hear from you and if you decide to try it out, I hope you enjoy!
    Drop in again soon and have a good weekend 🙂

  6. OriginalNakedChef

    Lovely comment and much appreciated!
    I think the rice would be perfect with this recipe 🙂
    Good to hear from you and drop in again soon.

  7. Mehmet Artun

    It looks really good. I tried a recipe from food network which used also balsamic in the sauce but i think yours is better. What starchy food would go with this? Wild rice, roast potatoes? Thanks

  8. allexcosta

    @OriginalNakedChef: Thanks for replying. Yes, it could be the mill. Anyway, thanks for the great recipe. Regards.

  9. OriginalNakedChef

    Hi allexcosta,
    Thanks for watching the vid. I must admit I do love my black pepper :)) I should invest in a better pepper mill as the ones I use are very cheap and cheerful and tend make alot of noise but do not always grind very much pepper. Maybe on camera it sounds more than it is?.


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