Chinese Inspired Diet Plan

If you are looking to quickly shed some pounds and to detoxify your body, here is a menu inspired by Chinese Cuisine that not only taste great but will also help lose weight. The key to this diet is to eat everything that is on the menu without leaving anything out or skipping any meals. Eat as much as the things that are mentioned, but do not substitute because the food in this unique diet work in conjunction with your body to help speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

Here it is:

Breakfast: Oatmeal cooked in skin milk followed by a cup of plain green tea with lemon. You can substitute rusks (twice baked bread) for the oatmeal.

Mid-Morning Snack: A smoothie made with low fat yogurt and one serving of any fruit (except bananas and mangoes). If you do not have time to make a smoothie: eat an orange or grapefruit. A cup of green tea with fresh squeezed lemon will also suffice.

Lunch: Chicken Manchurian and Brown Rice with Fresh Vegetables and baked potato. Make the chicken using lemon, red sauce and vinegar. Use the sauce and light vinegar as lite gravy for the rice. Eat as much as you want until full. Sorry, no diary topping allowed on the potato. Have a cup of green tea with lemon afterwards.

Afternoon snack: Glass of skim milk or green tea, or chamomile tea to help you relax. You may also eat an orange or grapefruit.

Dinner: Chicken Satay with broiled broccoli and other boiled veggies. Make chicken satay by cubing the chicken, skewering it and then grilling it without the use of oil or salt (use lemon to flavor it). Follow it up with one grapefruit and a cup of herbal tea.

Optional Nighttime Snack: If you are hungry try drinking a cup of skim milk or have some herbal tea.

One week on this menu will push out the toxins, speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. Be sure to use a lot of lemons with your food and tea. Lemons will not only add taste, but are also great at helping you shed the pounds faster. Also, have your tea hot to help enhance its purifying effects on the body.

Yulia Berry is an independent health researcher and author of the best selling e-books Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor and Pharmacy in Vegetables. She distributes a weekly newsletter regarding great home remedies and has written dozens of natural health articles published on hundreds of websites worldwide. Yulia Berry’s new ebook Unlocked Secrets of Curative Garlic to be released soon.