Chinese breakfast Beijing style China – China delicious breakfast – ( in Beijing China ) Breakfast in China : enjoyed Chinese food immensely including succulent tasty delicious breakfast herein Weixian Hebei –
China has many ( and when I say many – I mean many ) different regions with numerous different cuisines. A lot has been said and written about it – yet all the words can not make up for the delicious food and variety of dishes one can imagine.
Every city in China hosts a variety of different restaurant, each style being different. What we in the West got to know is a few Chinese cuisines known to us, amongst them :
1) Cantonese Chinese food
2) Mandarin Chinese food ( Beijing imperial cuisine )
3) Sichuan Chinese food
There are thousands of different varieties we don’t know about.
As one who has been in almost each province in China, I can say with certainty :
The longer you know China and taste its cuisine – the more you realize you do not know Chinese food at all.
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    One must be honest. Never had a second omelet of this kind in #China #Asia
    #Malaysia #Thailand #Singapore #Taiwan #Taipei #Hongkong – or elsewhere.
    This couple are expert omelet makers, simple surroundings accepted. Method
    : First flour is mixed with water, stretched on biconvex wooden pin ( dough
    remains at center – very smart invention ), next dough is fried (little oil
    used) on the hot plate ; fried eggs previously prepared added, wrapped with
    another layer of fried ground corn dough. Enjoy. This isn’t a normal
    omelet, it has been refined to add value. facebookdotcom/chinese.menus´╗┐


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