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Chinese Sports And Leisure Apparel Town

 From 2002 to 95.63 million yuan to last year’s 307.15 million yuan, scenery town revenue more than quadrupled in five years; as a “China town sports and leisure apparel,” brand building scenery the town businesses in recent years made remarkable achievements, At present the town famous brand in China, China has reached 20 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks, brand names in more than 70 provinces, account for half of the total number of Shishi City. With the Shishi clothing city, scenery Clothing Science and Technology Park, the scenery apparel business park have built scenery have become brands in Fujian Province were the gathering area, to become the core of lions apparel industry chain link.


 Scenery the town has been able to achieve sound and rapid economic development, the town benefited from the rapid development of non-public enterprises, but also, and scenery Town Chamber of Commerce initiative to play a role as a link inseparable. Scenery second session of the General Chamber of Commerce, the town was established five years ago, to play an active member companies advantage and network advantage, through a variety of ways to strengthen horizontal cooperation, actively carry out exchanges at home and abroad for economic integration and for the introduction of capital, technology and human resources efforts. Five years, the scenery has introduced the town of 136.8 million U.S. dollars of foreign capital, mostly through the town Chamber of Commerce, member companies matchmaking introduced.


 If the industry is the economic backbone scenery, then the business sector is the scenery of economic muscles. Shishi city of town to play a central area of the regional advantages, relying on Shishi Clothes City, Nanyang Road, fabric market, lions accessories market, Shiquan Road, sewing equipment market, Jinhui fabrics market, garment surface accessories Yongxia integrated market, Fu Feng Mall, WO Selma shopping mall and other professional market, and expanding the modern service industry development. With the Ming N Hyatt Hotel, clothing City Hotel, Hua Min Import & Export Building, Taiwan Textile Research Center, Garment City, 3 and logistics zones, clothing city bus station at full capacity expansion projects such as construction of the rapid growth of tertiary industry will promote the optimization and upgrading of secondary industries scenery, scenery central business district is taking shape.


 Scenery well-developed industrial and commercial town, how to play a Chamber of Commerce in the role of uniting the business community for the scenery, “3 civilization” to contribute to the building, scenery Chamber of Commerce, to spare no effort: In order to enhance the expertise of member companies, towns, Chamber of Commerce has invited industry and commerce, taxation, customs, quality inspection, Labor Bureau and other law enforcement agencies hold seminars, training, policy and regulations;

In order to strengthen the examination of domestic and international markets, towns, trade associations and members of the Council to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, inspection, study and developed areas of management experience, understanding of market information, to achieve better results; five years to guide the town, the private sector technological transformation of production inputs have totaled more than 10 billion yuan, the town has gradually increased content of industrial technology; Chamber of Commerce member companies in their own development, not forgetting back to society, member companies donated a total of more than 380 million households in hardship for the student and condolences to the area, donated more than 2000 million yuan to set up home education.

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Chinese Symbols: What about Fengshui


In this world which is full of innovation and inspiration to create new things from old patterns and symbols, it is not unusual that we have bags of Che Guevara, shirts, bags and cups swastika as well as other ancient and historical patterns. Even the ancient Chinese beliefs and symbols are on the market today and is becoming the basis for some of fashion accessories purchased.

I’m talking about the different types of jewelry inspired by Chinese symbols and beliefs. For example, there is a silver bracelet with a design number 8 on this subject and this number 8 design was inspired by the Chinese belief. According to tradition, eight means good luck. In addition to a bracelet, there is also a silver ring which has a number 8 on the design, which was also inspired by the Chinese belief itself. Furthermore, a silver necklace, 18 is now available, also lucky because it has a silver polish called Chinese knot. Another luck charm is the sterling silver ring with an Imperial Seal’ design, which has been inspired by the seal of the Qing emperor.

All jewelry inspired over China is made of pure silver and have a free size and adjustable but the prices were quite expensive. These accessories are also strongly influenced by Chinese beliefs, mostly to the feng shui. I’ve always been intrigued and curious about the Chinese feng shui. The popularity of Feng Shui has become a common name. Well, I decided to go to this issue in the heartland of feng shui – China. Beginning with the correct pronunciation of Feng Shui (‘fung shway’) is a good start. On the other hand, knowing the literal meaning of consciousness makes it a little more about this topic: Feng means wind, while Shui means water.

The application of Feng Shui is the balance between the elements above. The Chinese believe that feng shui creating prosperity, abundance and harmony in personal, commercial and financial. This traditional Chinese practice used to be the secret of the Chinese royal family in the provision of health and prosperity of their clans. Even the Forbidden City in Beijing was calculated in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. Well, I think that the Chinese really took seriously the conviction.

Now I know why, even Hollywood stars are Chinese accessories like beads, etc. With enough knowledge about jewelry and feng shui belief that I could try to accessories and more wary of their surroundings, so I have more luck, and I am more than willing to accept.

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Principles of a Chinese Gourmet

An introduction to the fine art and science of creating perfection out of simple ingredients.

Among devotees of gastronomy who have had the privilege, of sampling the great national cuisines of the world, the Chinese cuisine is rated No. 1 quite as often as the French. It has a purity and refinement that transcend mere cleverness, a beautiful simplicity that marks the truly gourmet. Like the French, it is based upon sensitivity to the inherent nature of the foodstuff being prepared. Chinese awareness and respect for intrinsic taste and texture have produced a highly sophisticated body of practices and seasoning.

There are cookery books that provide recipes for Chinese food. But recipes are dry reading at best. As cookery is an art, one can hardly learn much from recipes without an explanation of the principles that underlie the cuisine that created them. The principles of Chinese cooking have been developed partly from long experience and partly by accident through many centuries. They are applicable not only to Chinese food but to good cooking in general, a science as well as an art.

First, the Chinese believe in nature. According to their interpretation, everything that grows on earth and is edible can be delicious when properly prepared, and so is intended by nature to be eaten by man. The Chinese explored the kingdom of vegetables and herbs and living creatures and so discovered a number of foods, undreamed of by the Westerner, that are both appetizing and beneficial to health. They are used when freshly gathered from field or forest or sea, and again after they have been preserved by pickling or drying in the sun. Thanks to these means of preservation, their supply is assured for all seasons.

As an example, the Chinese discovered the virtues of the soybean, and methods of growing bean sprouts indoors and making bean curds throughout the year.These ingredients are truly a blessing to the Chinese and a just reward for a long, patient search. They are appetizing, nutritious, and because economical to produce, accessible to all. When properly prepared, they appeal equally to the palate of prince or peasant. Such widespread appeal is typical of Chinese cooking.

Most Chinese dishes include some vegetables. The net effect is to enhance the taste of the main ingredient (meat or seafood) and at the same time give simple vegetables the benefit of pleasing flavor from the meat. The combination makes a delicious dish, easy to digest and healthful. Of course, Western cuisines use vegetables, too, but they are generally cooked and eaten separately from the meat. The Chinese cuisine includes some roasted (shao k’ao), grilled (chien),or fried (cha) dishes, not combined with vegetables, but they are the exception.

Consequently, Chinese dishes require less meat. A small piece, say half a pound, enough for only one person if cooked the Western way, may serve five persons if cooked in the Chinese way. An excellent example is the well known dish chop suey, which, although invented by Chinese in America rather than in China itself, utilizes the principles of ch’ao, a staple method of the Chinese cuisine.

Ch’ao, pronounced and often spelled “chow,” means low-oil, quick-stir frying. Both meat and vegetables are cut into small pieces and cooked over high heat in a . wok, a large concave skillet. Lacking a wok, the American cook can achieve the same effect in a cast-iron frying pan. A small amount of oil is used, but practically no water. The method is almost unknown to the West, which is surprising because it is so simple and quick and adds flavor to everything cooked. It is suitable for cooking either meat with vegetables or vegetables alone, in almost endless variety.

Priscilla is a cooking lover has been teaching in food industry almost 15 years. She has involed teaching in Chinese Cooking, Japanese food, Thailand food, Estern Cuisine, Indian Food, Hawaiian Style, Philippines Style, Oriental Food, Asian Cuisine, Western Style, Meals in Minutes and etc. She would like to share with people a broad knowledge of and keen pleasure in the good healthy life style of good eating through her many years of experience.

Learning Mandarin With Fluenz Chinese

If you are interested in learning mandarin, then the Fluenz Chinese Language software is something that you should consider. Anyone who is familiar with the Fluenz language software products knows to expect an impressive multimedia learning experience that offers students as much learning as the desire at a pace that is challenging but interesting and engaging. Our previous reviews have given the Fluenz products good reviews and the Chinese version is no exception. It is an excellent product for anyone who wants to know how to learn Chinese.

The Format

For any age student, the Fluenz program is an appropriate way for learning mandarin. It uses a lot of video segments that are well edited and very engaging. The computer based lessons are broken up into manageable sections that allow you to complete the course on your own schedule. The computer style of learning will come easily to teenagers and young adults who are used to learning this way, but the interface is also very straightforward and will not be intimidating to older students who might not be as computer savvy.

Feedback from the first year of sales shows that customers are very happy with the layout of the segments and the choices they have in the timing and the structure of the course. Over all it was rated an excellent way of learning mandarin.

The Language

Learning mandarin is a very difficult task for a foreigner, even one with training because the language is complicated and nuanced; Figuring out how to learn Chinese can be a daunting task. This means a lot f work, but the rewards for this work are also potentially very high. The Chinese economy is growing like crazy and the Chinese consumer base is also expanding rapidly. This growth means a new marketplace and expanding opportunities for others who are learning mandarin and are ready to take their goods to market and speak the language to the marketplace.

The Focus

The hardest part of learning mandarin is learning to read and write it because you have to learn an entirely new alphabet. That is why the best way how to learn Chinese is to learn to speak it first. For beginning and intermediate students, the majority of their instruction is going to be in boring stretches and strength building exercises. The progress to fluency is slow. That is why it helps to focus in the beginning on the games that sport a lot of response. The idea is to learn to speak well enough to mingle with the native speakers. This is how business in China is done and that makes fluency a very valuable skill to have.


If you want to know how to learn Mandarin or more on Learning Chinese and are wondering which software package to buy, I would recommend the Fluenz system. It is an easy sell because it has everything you want and nothing that you don’t.

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Chinese Inspired Diet Plan

If you are looking to quickly shed some pounds and to detoxify your body, here is a menu inspired by Chinese Cuisine that not only taste great but will also help lose weight. The key to this diet is to eat everything that is on the menu without leaving anything out or skipping any meals. Eat as much as the things that are mentioned, but do not substitute because the food in this unique diet work in conjunction with your body to help speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

Here it is:

Breakfast: Oatmeal cooked in skin milk followed by a cup of plain green tea with lemon. You can substitute rusks (twice baked bread) for the oatmeal.

Mid-Morning Snack: A smoothie made with low fat yogurt and one serving of any fruit (except bananas and mangoes). If you do not have time to make a smoothie: eat an orange or grapefruit. A cup of green tea with fresh squeezed lemon will also suffice.

Lunch: Chicken Manchurian and Brown Rice with Fresh Vegetables and baked potato. Make the chicken using lemon, red sauce and vinegar. Use the sauce and light vinegar as lite gravy for the rice. Eat as much as you want until full. Sorry, no diary topping allowed on the potato. Have a cup of green tea with lemon afterwards.

Afternoon snack: Glass of skim milk or green tea, or chamomile tea to help you relax. You may also eat an orange or grapefruit.

Dinner: Chicken Satay with broiled broccoli and other boiled veggies. Make chicken satay by cubing the chicken, skewering it and then grilling it without the use of oil or salt (use lemon to flavor it). Follow it up with one grapefruit and a cup of herbal tea.

Optional Nighttime Snack: If you are hungry try drinking a cup of skim milk or have some herbal tea.

One week on this menu will push out the toxins, speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. Be sure to use a lot of lemons with your food and tea. Lemons will not only add taste, but are also great at helping you shed the pounds faster. Also, have your tea hot to help enhance its purifying effects on the body.

Yulia Berry is an independent health researcher and author of the best selling e-books Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor and Pharmacy in Vegetables. She distributes a weekly newsletter regarding great home remedies and has written dozens of natural health articles published on hundreds of websites worldwide. Yulia Berry’s new ebook Unlocked Secrets of Curative Garlic to be released soon.

Chinese Fat Burning Solutions

Chinese weight reduction methods are typically discussed like they’re a historical secret that has passed down from Mother to Daughter for generations. The truth is that is more or less the way it does happen! Fortunately you can learn the same simple strategies and solutions that allow Asian women to get lean even right after they give birth…without going hungry or giving up the food you really like.

Chinese Fat Reduction Strategies

The essential thing to remember as you look to get rid of inches and get rid of pounds using techniques mastered in Asia is that everyone is different. Sometimes you’ll give in to temptation and cheat somewhat, and that is OK.

One of the best parts of this program is that it maintains your fat burning capacity at an incredibly high level to get rid of fat at all times. You’ll slim down even when you’re asleep, so that cheat meal or cheat day isn’t going to throw you off the tracks from reaching your target weight.

All of us are human and temptation causes us to be who we are. Don’t fear it, grab hold of it!

A Simple Rule to Weight Loss

One of the most productive ways to make use of Chinese fat loss methods to get the shape you’ve always wanted is found in your bathroom.

If you guessed the bathtub, you’re correct, that’s exactly where this simple tip is located, and it’s an instant change that can deliver great results quickly.

You want to start doing Epsom salt baths, and you want to do it as often as you can every week. Epsom salt is a mixture of magnesium and sulfates, but most importantly it acts as an agent that takes fat-storing harmful particles and other damaging elements out of your body via the skin.

Just a 20-minute bath a few times weekly is sufficient to start the process, but if you have time by all means raise the number to more sessions. You’ll rapidly find that your anxiety and tension melts away each day, along with inches from your tummy and legs.

And Epsom salt bath on its own isn’t going to help you get the shape you’ve always desired, but it’s definitely part of a larger plan that you CAN use to finally fit into your favorite skinny jeans…

The Secret Technique To True Weight Reduction

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