“Big Bill” Kicked Out Of All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant For Eating Too Much

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin-area man known as “Big Bill” who was asked to leave an “all-you-can-eat” restaurant for eating too much fried fish is now protesting the restaurant. Is he right? Tell us what you think in the comment section below whether the restaurant should be allowed to kick him out is he right this is “false advertising”.


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23 thoughts on ““Big Bill” Kicked Out Of All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant For Eating Too Much

  1. lukkyluciano

    Punish them!!! As my uncle would say. he scouts out the best all you can
    eat joints.One time he got thrown out of a chinese restaraunt for eating
    all the crab legs. 

  2. Stabby Raccoon

    They’re both idiots, the restaurant and this guy. The restaurant said all
    you can eat and if someone eats all they can eat they shouldn’t remove
    them, even on a business level, it’s more trouble than it’s worth, you
    should go into business expecting unethical customers, every business does,
    you don’t think stores factor in shrinkage? On the other hand, even though
    they made the offer, he shouldn’t abuse it and should recognize what his
    actions cost other patrons and the owners. It’s all voluntary, but so are a
    lot of things you shouldn’t do.

  3. Sputer Head

    It does say all you can eat no where does it say a limit, so yea he has the
    right to you know.. eat as much as he wants. until they change their policy
    they have to give him his food 

  4. felicity4711

    The all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant I go to does have a few rules
    posted that allow them some room to maneuver in cases like this. The small
    print says that you can only stay for three hours, and that they reserve
    the right to cut you off. They never enforce those rules, of course. I’ve
    stayed longer than three hours before. And they’re always really happy to
    see big-bodied people walk in the door, so they’re obviously not worried
    about losing money. But this fish place might very well want to invest in
    the same fine-print rules.

  5. CDenic

    Aww…poor fat fuck was forced to leave some food for other people…what
    an injustice!
    I know how we can make this right…
    …carve this gluttonous cocksucker up, put him in the pig slop, and you
    have more pork chops AND fish for starving people. Things like this are
    parasites and don’t deserve to live.

  6. gantmj

    Why wasn’t he in jail for misuse of 911 and/or police resources?
    Stupid stuff like this is why I can’t take this channel seriously.

  7. andras lajko

    Dear young turks
    Hey i’ve watched ur utube videos and i gotta say i find it really appealing
    and i enjoy watching it due to the overall oppinions shared and how well
    they reflect my oppinions. Now i have a favor to ask you guys uhhh if you
    wouldn’t mind reporting on something which idt anyone really reported on.
    I’m specifically talking about my country Hungary and what is going on over
    there. What is happening is the people there are just being torn to bits
    and barely able to make a living with all of the rediculous taxes and other
    things which ask for more money from the people than they can barely make
    and now there is a protest going on with roughly 30,000-40,000 people
    protesting and i’m bringing this to your attention because i feel as if it
    doesn’t have much attention as it is. By that i mean if you were to look up
    on utube “hungarian protest 2014” there you would see that he top 4 vids
    only have 10k views each or less but basically the protest is about
    internet tax and how the government in my home country is going to tax
    people for using the internet. So i was wondering if you guys can please
    make a report on this and shine some light on the bs my countrymen are
    suffering from. Plus i would love for you guys to make a vid on it so i can
    learn more about it myself haha i just love the way u guys present things!
    Thanks guys and i’ll try to copy and paste this message in hopes that one
    of you guys see it and is able to well if anything just read my message

  8. M Da Martian

    As right as this guy is, he’s so wrong. All you can eat is all you can eat.
    But DAMN! 20+ pieces of fish? That’s a bit much. That’s “all you can eat”
    for three more customers .They need to cancel that unlimited stuff, make a
    limit, or something else until this guy stops coming because unfortunate
    for them they are false advertising.

    As wrong as it would be, for the sake of my restaurant, I think I’d
    eventually have to cut him off too. I’d rather have one pissed off fat ass
    upset over being denied more fish rather than 20 pissed off people over the
    fact that they’re out of fish. I mean that’s “all you can eat” for another
    three or four customers. You’d really hear ALOTTA bitching you’d get over
    being out of an all you can eat fish. You’d have too many people saying you
    should have prepared for him and what not. 

  9. infidel556x45

    what a fat slob……….i hope this creature doesn’t reproduce…..but
    there will be an equally fat disgusting woman to unfold 2 meters of fat to
    find his strangled dick

  10. XxAsDesireFallsxX

    Fat fuck Americans lol. Call the police because you can’t get more than 21
    fried fish…

  11. Kaiser Frost

    And then when some glutton keels over and dies in the restaurant from
    sodium toxicity, or his pancreas suddenly gives out, the restaurant will
    get sued.

  12. Emperor of Cartoons

    Refuse service before taking his money? Yes.

    Kick him out after taking his money? No.

    Once you have agreed to let someone partake of your services for a set
    price, then that is that. If they end up eating so much that it takes you
    to the cleaners, then you should have thought of that before offering that

  13. Atlas

    Give me a break. The opposite of this is he dies of a heart attack and his
    family sues the restaurant. Just kick the fat ass out he’ll live longer.

  14. Zippy the Brain

    If you order lobster, and you pay for lobster, and it turns out they do not
    have any lobster, or the lobster they give you is too small or the wrong
    colour, or missing an arm then you complain to the manager, he appologizes
    and gives you your money back.

    The upside is that you can limit him but the downside is he eats for free.

    On the other hand, that is what the asterix was invented for.

  15. AnElevatorFart

    The guy is clearly a fat idiot but that doesn’t change the fact that he is
    100% right. The restaurant put up a sign that said; “You can pay a flat
    fee and eat as much as you can fit in your gut” they then refused to give
    the guy more food when he wanted to eat more. According to the laws in the
    U.S. and most of the world, that shit is clearly illegal. This guy could
    sue this restaurant and it would be the most straight forward court case
    there ever was. I bet he won’t though because as he said, they have damn
    good pizza.


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