Air China Boeing 747-400 Business Class (Upper Deck) FULL EXPERIENCE

Air China Boeing 747-400 Business Class (Upper Deck) FULL EXPERIENCE

Welcome to another Flight Experience video! A few weeks ago I flew on the famous Air China 981. From Beijing Capital International Airport to John F. Kennedy International airport. The flight was just over 14 hours. I hope you enjoy this review.

25 thoughts on “Air China Boeing 747-400 Business Class (Upper Deck) FULL EXPERIENCE

  1. meisterblu

    And I fly international biz class on Delta about 8-10 times a year, so I know how it should go. As much as I lament the inconsistent service on Delta, the worst Biz class on Delta was 5 times better than that flight on Air China.

  2. meisterblu

    I had the misfortune of flying Air China last year from Beijing to Singapore. The worst biz class i’ve ever flown. The food tasted like a Lean Cuisine and the wine was served in like port wine glasses (2 oz. pours if you’re lucky). the worst part was the service. The flight attendants were more brusk than those in Air France’s biz class (who’da thunk?)  Once the food came out and trays were removed, they left for pretty much the remainder of a 7.5 hour flight.

  3. manan007

    Air China is low quality for sure. I flew with them several times before, mostly bet. San Fran-Beijing…they compete with low price and low quality meal for sure. The service is mediocre. Yes their crew definitely need to improve their English, or if they really can’t..hire some native english speaking crew then. However you pay what you get..Air China is usually fairly enough.

  4. sfflyer123

    Excellent video. I really enjoyed this. Very thorough and thoughtful. Did you get upgraded to business class or did you just buy the ticket outright?

  5. Andrew Chan

    I have a MacBook Pro 2011 13 inch
    Intel HD 3000 Graphics with 4gb of ram.
    2.3 ghz. Core i5
    Will X-Plane 10 run on my computer?

    PS> Your VIDS are AWESOME

  6. WhiskyOneCharlie

    Great video! Very helpful and I like your other ones. Is this product standard for all business class flights on Air China (if you know)? At least is it standard on their 747s or JFK-PEK route? thanks.

  7. watertakken

    i’ll be flying in Air China sometime this year. its going to be awesome. Can’t wait to see the Terra Cottas.


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