5 Best Places for Indian Food in San Francisco

San Francisco is, without a doubt, a melting pot of culture and it is no surprise that it is a favourite tourist destination for those who wish to experience a variety of cultures all at one go. As a tourist, you can always be assured of flights to San Francisco from whatever destination you come from. If you do not get a direct flight, you needn’t worry as you can always get cheap flights to USA then connect to San Francisco. According to statistics, the Indian community has a very stable and large presence and at the same time, Indian tourists to San Francisco currently average at about a million per year. This obviously means that you will find a growing number of places catering to Indian cuisine. These five places indicated below float to the top of the best of Indian restaurants.


The first restaurant is called Dosa and is located on Filllmore Street. It is named after an Indian specialty which resembles a crepe made from rice and lentils with a rich stuffing of various herbs. With dishes ranging from prices as low as $ 4, you can experience as many tastes as possible because the restaurant actually encourages you to order several plates and eat as if you were at home with your family. You may need to call ahead of time to make reservations as there are defined lunch hours starting from 11.30AM to about 3PM and dinner hours from 5.30PM to around Midnight.


The Indian Oven restaurant is the second on our list of best places for Indian food in San Francisco and it is also located on Fillmore Street. The best part is that it does home deliveries which means you can easily visit the website where you can pick whatever you want online and have it brought over to you. Absolutely convenient!


Third, you can visit Little Delhi which is an Indian restaurant located on Eddy Street that promises an intense experience as it focuses on using genuine spices and ingredients to give you that authentic taste of Indian food. It also delivers food to you and the best part is that it does it free of charge for orders above $ 20!


Fourth, check out Gaylords India restaurant which is located in the Embarcadero Center and prides itself in being the oldest Indian eatery while also providing a feast for your eyes with some intricate and very beautiful Indian décor. With a great view of San Francisco’s historic waterfront, you will definitely have a memorable time.


Fifth, check out Rotee which is an Indian restaurant that also has some very beautiful and inviting ambiance and décor. At Rotee, it prides itself in making every meal from scratch to come up with seasonings, chutney and paneer with very distinct tastes to engage your palette. It is located on Howard Street and has prices as low as $ 2 which makes for a pocket friendly and very interesting eating experience.


Remember to specify how hot and spicy your dish should be as you order. This way, you can enjoy the tastes without being overwhelmed by spices and chillies normally used.



I am the author of this article and I would like to discuss best places to visit for Indian food at San Francisco. Get flights to San Francisco and cheap flights to USA to make your journey more comfortable and easy.