3) Sustainable Landscaping With Owen Dell Part 3

owendell.com Visit with Owen Dell, leading sustainable landscaping advocate and architect as he discusses our cities 3-Day Food Supply and “How to Have an Edible Landscape”. You can find Owen’s book, “Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies” here www.owendell.com
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2 thoughts on “3) Sustainable Landscaping With Owen Dell Part 3

  1. erickdircks

    Nice! Thank you for Sharing!!!!!

    What a way of meeting people and get to see their talent. By visiting other channels allows me to support them, and by doing this has brought me into the houses of some very special people. You are one of them. Life; isn’t it wonderful!!! Keep up the good work. Have A Splendid Day!!!!

    A YouTube Friend

  2. Kamoyaker

    Important topic. I’m so tired of hearing about our energy crisis while little or nothing is being done by our leaders to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m looking to part with the idea that we need to be slaves to all these power tools in order to keep the acceptable lawn and shrubbery in good appearance.


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