Top 7 Mouthwatering Asian Cuisine Eaten in the Us and Worth Trying – Black Excellence

Asian cuisines are known to offer exciting, mouthwatering, and popular delicacies even here in the US. If you are searching for an inspiration to cook up a storm this fall or later in the winter then read on. This article showcases selected Asian meals with exquisite flavors and colors.

Of course, you do understand that Asian cuisines are mostly meals famous among Asians. Due to socialization and travels, these delicacies have over the centuries migrated into and become popular in the US. Asian cuisine could stand as the main course or part of a three-course meal.

Popular ingredients found in Asian cuisines include ginger, sesame seed, rice, soya beans, chilies, garlic, vegetables, fish and meat. Others include mung beans, black gram, pigeon peas, red lentils, Chinese cabbage, Mongolia, tea, etc. Some of the conventional meal preparation methods among Asians include steaming, stir-frying, deep-frying, roasting, etc. Asians love seasonings like the curries. Meals are sometimes interlaced with coconut milk to keep them savory and exciting.

7 Asian Cuisines Americans Eat Today

Banh Mi Sandwich

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