Recipe: Honey Cake with Orange and Earl Grey Tea – The Boston Globe

Makes one 10-inch Bundt cake

While honey cake is the traditional cake served on Rosh Hashanah, this one, which is packed with spices, a surprising hint of bergamot from Earl Grey tea, and plenty of orange flavor, should be on your table all fall. Olive oil ensures that the cake will not be dry, and Chinese five-spice powder — a combination of cinnamon, cloves, star anise, fennel, and pepper — adds an interesting twist on traditional honey cake spices. It is worth acquiring five-spice to add to muffins, carrot cake, or your favorite spicy dessert. Or substitute the four ground spices suggested here. All you need to make this easy cake is a bowl and a whisk. After it bakes in a Bundt pan, and cools, glaze the top with honey and orange juice, then sprinkle with turbinado sugar. Whether Rosh Hashanah is your traditional holiday, or one that you adopt, it is a sweet way to celebrate the Jewish New Year and the cool
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