Why Chinese Five Spice Puts Pumpkin Spice to Shame – Chowhound

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We have barely kicked off fall baking season, but does anyone else feel like we’ve already hit peak pumpkin spice? I’ll always love this cozy pumpkin pie spice blend, but by now PS (even without the L) has become thoroughly ubiquitous. And unless it’s Beyonce greeting me everywhere I look, ubiquity gets a little exhausting.

The internet is saturated with recipes that capitalize on the pumpkin spice’s popularity, each one seemingly more ghastly than the last: slow-cooker pumpkin spice lattes (okay, fine), pumpkin spice vinaigrette (but why?), pumpkin spice Jell-O shots (slowly dying), even pumpkin spice moonshine (fully dead).

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Luckily, there’s another spice blend with all the toasty seasonal vibes of classic pumpkin spice, but with a unique and unexpected kick. Chinese five spice is traditionally used in savory
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