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Ghost Ships in San Francisco’s Suisun Bay

Dozens of forgotten Navy and merchant ships, which served the United States in four wars including the World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Desert Storm, have been corroding in San Francisco’s Suisun Bay for decades. The ghost fleet is slowly dwindling and will be reportedly just a memory by 2017. At present, about 15 retired ships are already gone.

Considered as part of the National Defense Reserve Fleet and managed by the U.S. Maritime Administration of San Francisco, the ghost ships with an estimated 400 were planned to be ready for national emergency needs.

Let’s discover some of the ghost ships in San Francisco’s Suisun Bay.

USCGC Glacier and USS Sperry from the crow’s nest of the Glacier

Shoshone and Mount Washington

A photo shows guns on the deck of the USS Iowa, the last remaining U.S. lead battleship

The ghost ships dangerously leach heavy metals and shed more than 20 tons of toxic paint debris into the bay, causing serious problems. However, the current situation wasn’t recognized and improved for past of the decade. Until Mr. Barack Obama took the Oval Office in 2008, the mission of cleaning up and removing the ships have been done.

Brig, USS Nereus

Inside the USNS Mission Santa Ynez reminds us about a scene in ghost stories

Inside the USNS Mission Santa Ynez

Many warships in the fleet served in the World War II including the last remaining U.S. lead battleship USS Iowa lined in Suisun’s water for decades awaiting their next mission. But, the call never came. Instead, they have become worse and been largely forgotten. Perhaps, the retired ships will be turned into a museum for exhibition purposes.

The SS President

Point Defiance

The J, K, and L Rows

Inside the USS Ponchatoula

Inside the SS Export Bay

Inside the SS Adventurer


Ghost Ships in San Francisco’s Suisun Bay


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