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Chinese Boycotts Of Japanese Products

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Boycotts of Japanese products have been conducted by numerous Chinese civilian and governmental organisations, always in response to real or perceived Japanese aggression, whether military, political or economic.

Early boycotts

The first boycott of Japanese products in China was started 1915 as a result of public indignation at the Twenty-One Demands which Japan threatened China to accept. In 1919, the students and intellectuals involved in the May Fourth Movement called for another boycott of Japanese products, to which the public responded enthusiastically. Local chambers of commerce decided to sever economic ties with Japan, workers refused to work in Japanese-funded factories, consumers refused to buy Japanese goods, and students mobilised to punish those found selling, buying or using Japanese products.

The Jinan Incident of 1928 prompted a new boycott, this time the KMT government mobilised the population to cease economic dealings with Japan. From then on, anti-Japanese protests in China would always be accompanied with boycotts of Japanese products.

Modern boycotts

After World War II, the Chinese community, upset over various issues such as the sovereignty of Diaoyutai Islands, the Japanese history textbook controversies and Japanese leaders’ visits to Yasukuni Shrine, would launch boycotts of Japanese products. Republic of China citizens started a boycott in September 1972 to protest Japan’s diplomatic recognition of the People’s Republic of China, and twice burned Japanese products in front of the Taipei City Hall, ironically of Japanese construction.

In 2005 a new wave of boycotts were started in mainland China, concurrent with the anti-Japanese demonstrations in major Chinese cities at the time. However, this boycott was at best a fringe attempt, and was denounced by the mainstream population, citing that China was integrated into the world economy and a boycott of one of China’s biggest trading partners would cause as much harm to China as it would to Japan. Most people were more concerned over their standards of living than redressing old grievances. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Relations gave a similar view: That “Sino-Japanese economic cooperation developed significantly over the past decade and brought real benefits to both the people of nations. We do not wish for economic issues to be politicised.” As with the anti-Japanese demonstrations, these activists began organising boycotts using the internet and cellphones. One such website, for example, gives a list of Japanese aggressions against China in the past, current incidents straining Sino-Japanese relations, as well as a breakdown of how much money consumers supposedly give to the Japanese government and military for every 100 yuan they spend on Japanese products (“10 bullets for the so-called Self-Defense Forces”; “6 to 8 pages of anti-Chinese textbooks and documents”, etc.).

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Ghost Ships in San Francisco’s Suisun Bay

Dozens of forgotten Navy and merchant ships, which served the United States in four wars including the World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Desert Storm, have been corroding in San Francisco’s Suisun Bay for decades. The ghost fleet is slowly dwindling and will be reportedly just a memory by 2017. At present, about 15 retired ships are already gone.

Considered as part of the National Defense Reserve Fleet and managed by the U.S. Maritime Administration of San Francisco, the ghost ships with an estimated 400 were planned to be ready for national emergency needs.

Let’s discover some of the ghost ships in San Francisco’s Suisun Bay.

USCGC Glacier and USS Sperry from the crow’s nest of the Glacier

Shoshone and Mount Washington

A photo shows guns on the deck of the USS Iowa, the last remaining U.S. lead battleship

The ghost ships dangerously leach heavy metals and shed more than 20 tons of toxic paint debris into the bay, causing serious problems. However, the current situation wasn’t recognized and improved for past of the decade. Until Mr. Barack Obama took the Oval Office in 2008, the mission of cleaning up and removing the ships have been done.

Brig, USS Nereus

Inside the USNS Mission Santa Ynez reminds us about a scene in ghost stories

Inside the USNS Mission Santa Ynez

Many warships in the fleet served in the World War II including the last remaining U.S. lead battleship USS Iowa lined in Suisun’s water for decades awaiting their next mission. But, the call never came. Instead, they have become worse and been largely forgotten. Perhaps, the retired ships will be turned into a museum for exhibition purposes.

The SS President

Point Defiance

The J, K, and L Rows

Inside the USS Ponchatoula

Inside the SS Export Bay

Inside the SS Adventurer


Ghost Ships in San Francisco’s Suisun Bay


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Considerations for Chinese Mould Companies

In recent years, Chinese mould companies are attacked by the global financial crisis. Luo Baihui, the head of suppliers of international moulds, pointed out that Chinese mould enterprises should face this reality and meet these challenges. He suggested that they should make analysis on the situation, develop strategies, and adjust the structure, etc. There are many aspects that the mould companies should take into consideration.

Firstly, mould companies should pay close attention to industry trends, sales situation and trends of policies. For example, in order to expand the domestic demands, improve the living standard, and stimulate consumption, the state invested 15 billion to implement the subsidy policies. In addition to this, the state also promotes the policy of “home appliances to the countryside”; moreover, it will also implement the policy which is about “revitalization of steel and automobile”. These all bring a lot of opportunities to the steel and automotive industry.

Secondly, mould companies should make alliances and division of specialization. In the current financial crisis, those mould companies must strengthen communication and understanding. Besides, they should eliminate misunderstanding and enhance industry unity. If those enterprises take the above mentioned measures, they can get a lot of benefits. For example, they can give full play to their strengths and avoid weaknesses. The coalition will also help them integrate the resources to avoid overlapping investments which will reduce risks and improve equipment utilization.

Thirdly, companies should strengthen information construction and realize modernization management of enterprises. Many mold companies in China are mostly small and medium enterprises which adopt extensive management. This backward means not only restrict the company development, but also can not adapt to the current highly competitive market. Entrepreneurs should clearly realize that in today’s information age, they should develop information and network technology to help their companies standardize management and minimize production costs and procurement costs. Besides, companies’ level of management and the operation efficiency will be improved which enable those companies to seize the initiative and opportunity in the market.

Fourthly, Chinese mould enterprises should walk out to seek for opportunities and develop new business areas. Meanwhile, they should pay attention to the emerging international mold market. As to some mould companies which own strong technical force, they should make use of their advantages and position on the high-end mould products. Additionally, the cooperation with the international famous companies can help them reduce many competitors.

In addition to the above aspects, there are still many others for those companies to consider. Mold companies should always emphasize on the cultivation of talents and give full play to the role of human resources in the enterprises. Furthermore, the company should broaden their horizons and take the initiative for emerging international markets. They should seek business opportunities in the crisis, minimize losses, and take a positive attitude towards the economic situation. is the global B2B platform in the industry of mechanical parts. SeekPart aggregates the trade leads in this area, and our ultimate target is to benefit the buyers and sellers of mechanical parts by utilizing these leads through our online tools.

Trend of Development of Chinese eyeglasses

What we are going to talk about here refer to corrective eyeglasses.


To meet the requirements of customers and the need for its healthy growth, Chinese eyeglasses industry in the future will have to, positively or passively, undergo some changes, which are considered to be the driving force for the development of Chinese eyeglasses industry. Here below are some possible changes for the future Chinese eyeglasses industry.


1. The standardization of products

The biggest change should be on lenses. The lenses will no longer be round only, but will be made into the shape identical to the shape of the frame directly. Therefore, there will be an increase of the technical parameters of lenses, for example, the outline parameter and location parameter of the optical center, etc.. The establishment and division of all those parameters come from the corporate champion of Chinese eyeglasses industry.


2. The standardization of optometry

Authorities concerned will cooperate with several powerful enterprises and professional medical institutions, to establish a set of comprehensive technical system for vision correction. This set of system will be repeatedly corrected and validated, and then comes to be a set of criterions in the eyeglasses industry.


3. The standardization of prescribing scheme of corrective eyeglasses

Besides a set of standardized optometry system, a set of trustful prescribing scheme is needed so as to bring customers the best vision effect. Strict prescribing factors and proper adjustment ability are necessary for the sake of good vision effect. It also should come from the cooperation of authorities concerned and some powerful enterprises and professional medical institutions.


4. Comprehensive technological supervision system

The technological supervision system has to play a role to standardize and supervise technology; to establish and constantly perfect the standardization of technology; to check the qualification to obtain employment; and to, in some degree, provide highly trained talents concerned.


Last but not the least, customers are the key link of every industry, so are they as for eyeglasses industry. In order to make customers pay their money at ease and with pleasure, satisfied service should be provided. Therefore, in the future in Chinese eyeglasses industry, to train professional and kind shop assistants should be never neglected and should be emphasized. is the fastest growing online community selling affordable yet high quality prescription eyeglasses, discount eyeglass frames and other eyewear. Firmoo’s return and refund policy makes your purchase with Firmoo risk-free. Be sure to get your online eyeglasses ready.

Tummy Tuck Surgeon in San Francisco

In San Francisco tummy tuck procedures are one of the most popular requests a San Francisco plastic surgeon hears. When diets and exercise fail to give you the shape you desire, it is becoming more and more common for people to resort to surgical measures. A tummy tuck is most often requested after a patient has lost a lot of weight but is unhappy with their new appearance because loose, sagging skin remains. When patients are unhappy with stubborn pouches of fat that gather in problem areas, such as the lower abdomen, inner thighs, or butt, they often resort to liposuction and body contouring. It is becoming very trendy for mothers who don’t plan on having more children to receive a tummy tuck shortly after giving birth.

San Francisco liposuction patients should choose their doctor carefully, as body contouring is an art and some surgeons are much more skilled than others. When choosing a plastic surgeon, seek out patients who have already gone through the procedure so you can ask questions regarding your fears and expectations of your doctor. Speak to a few different board certified surgeons until you find one who you feel comfortable with who is patient and understanding, rather than just trying to make a sell. Your surgeon should give explicit details on what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Patients are generally required to spend one night in a care facility following a tummy tuck.

During a traditional tummy tuck fat is not removed, but instead the loose skin is cut and the remaining skin is stitched up, which also reduces the appearance of stretch marks. An incision is made in the lower abdomen area, from the hip to the pelvic area. Liposuction actually removes fat cells from the body, so that even if you do gain a few pounds back, it will most likely settle in a different area. After a tummy tuck and liposuction patients have to wear a compression garment for about a month. It takes approximately two weeks for the pain to subside, during which time the patient takes prescription pain killers. Strenuous activity must be avoided for six weeks following the surgery, and it generally takes several months for the swelling to completely subside. When opting for a tummy tuck or liposuction San Francisco plastic surgeons have a lot of experience in safely slimming and shaping your body.

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Milwaukee Sliding Glass Doors

Installing Sliding Doors: 3 Things To Consider
Sliding doors are a great way to enhance your home. Here are three things to consider as you decide whether theyre right for you.
Sliding Doors Enhance a Room
Milwaukee sliding doors are versatile. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles and can be installed in almost any room. They can open varying amounts instead of just open or closed so they can allow a lot of the outdoors in, or a little.
Sliding doors are beautiful. They expand your living space to include your patio or gardens and they create large inviting entrances. Not only do they let the outdoors in, but they enhance your views. They can appear as a long expanse of windows instead of a wall broken up by windows and doors. Used as a patio door, they create an entrance to your outdoor space as well as an entrance to your indoor space.
Sliding doors also require much less space than a swinging door. Not only do they reduce wasted space in your home, but they are safer than swinging doors in many situations. A sliding patio door will not catch the wind like a swinging door can. They also dont open by themselves like a swinging door can and sliding doors are much more difficult for pets and small children to open, helping to prevent any surprise escapes!
Sliding Doors are Energy Efficient and Durable
There have been many improvements to sliding door technology. The glass in sliding doors is dual paned and coated making them less likely to cause uneven heating or cooling in your home. Not only is the glass more energy efficient, but the frames are also created to prevent air from flowing around the edges. In the past sliding doors used to hang from thin aluminum frames. Now the frames are made from a variety of materials that are much stronger and are able to hold a much greater amount of weight. Additionally, there are a variety of track systems available that allow for ease of movement without jamming or sticking.
Sliding doors are also weather tested to hold up against the elements, including wind, rain and snow. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors, including the sun and the rain, without it permeating the doors or the door frames. Whether open or closed, they have structural durability in any climate.
Sliding Doors Should Be Professionally Installed
There are many do-it-yourself projects that you can take on however installing sliding doors isnt one of them. Because of the sliding mechanisms and hinges and the need for precision in hanging, a reliable door contractor should be used when installing sliding doors. A good door contractor can help you choose the right door for your home or project as well as provide a guarantee on the installation.
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