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2005, The First Brand Of Chinese

“The presentation ceremony, Hope Group Suniland converter granted by the Chinese Association of Automation,” 2005 The first Chinese-made inverter Brand “Special Award. Vice president of Chinese Association of Automation, Chinese Military Academy and the Chinese General Sun Bailin researcher Machinery Industry Federation Executive Vice President of Jewson s hope for the continent group president Dr. Chen Bin awarded medals and certificates. And “Suniland” also received special awards were Siemens Be “International Cooperation Prize.”

Event as the field of automation in China, “China’s automation industry in the New Century” campaign organized by the Chinese Association of Automation, China aims to record and comment on every step of the development of automation industry, recognizes make an important contribution to its development of individuals and businesses, a comprehensive display of the automation of product innovation, a thorough analysis of successful cases of industry solutions and applications, the establishment of automation “annual news”, “Annual great news,” “New Year “and other awards.

This event, review group headed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wu Hongxin Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Professor, “Control Science and Engineering” discipline PhD supervisor Professor Jin Yihui, and other famous experts, open selection , online voting, a combination of expert evaluation of judges.

Made in view of Suniland inverter as the inverter, “leader” to promote the development of the industry in China inverter made outstanding contributions. From 1998 listed the first Suniland converter to the present, Suniland adhere to technological innovation, market innovation, management innovation, in order to cast the brand quality products and services to revitalize the Chinese mission frequency industry, has introduced 8 series products, the cumulative hundreds of thousands of units sold, Sell Amount and market share ahead, the cumulative energy savings 26,000,000,000 kwh, resulting Energy Benefits equivalent to 10 million tons of standard coal, equivalent to a have more than 280 million households in the city ten years of life Electricity (According to the average monthly consumption per household of 75 calculation). Meanwhile, the total reduction of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 24,563,400 tons, has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, universal frequency control technology in China to promote energy-saving technological transformation and promote the development of China’s automation industry has made outstanding contributions. “Suniland converter?? China inverter technology experts” have been highly recognized by the community, the pride of China’s conversion industry! Review Group decided to grant “in 2005 the first Chinese-made converter brand” Special Award. Meanwhile, the Suniland inverter 2005’s “Suniland frequency, energy saving in China” series won the “Annual Press Award”, launched “Suniland SB50 economy, smart inverter,” won the “New Year Award.”

The meeting, as a special guest, Chen Bin, president participated in the launch of this event and award ceremony for the ” Shenzhou VI “Dr. Hu Jun, vice chief designer presented the” Youth Innovation Award. “

The meeting also held a “business leaders to promote China’s” high-level forum, the mainland hopes the Group CEO Dr. Chen Bin was entitled “path of innovation to energy-saving mission?? From Suniland Chinese Frequency development of the industry “speech; Siemens Automation and Drives Group President Ho Vic, Belgium Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing and often force the king, president, general manager of Nanjing Phoenix Gu six founding companies such as the” Innovation and Conservation “as the theme released wonderful speech.

From all over the country’s leading experts in the automation industry, excellent representatives of businesses, nearly 200 people attended the event. CCTV, Jiangsu TV station “Yangzi Evening News,” “Modern Express,” “Nanjing Morning”, “Jinling Evening News”, “converter in the world,” ” Metallurgy Automation “,” Machinery and Electronic Products Market, ” Industrial Net 30 more than the media witnessed the event.

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