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Chinese Tea – The Basic Facts

For centuries, in Asia, green or Chinese tea has been used to promote good health. It’s been revered by the Chinese for its healthy properties, and as a cure for many ailments, but it’s only recently, with new studies and research being done, that Chinese teas are getting the recognition it deserves in the West. Here are five uses for Chinese tea that you probably didn’t know about!

Promoting Dental Health

Because Chinese teas contain certain anti bacterial chemicals, it’s a natural dental health promoter! While it also promotes good overall health, this means it actively stops, or slows, the formation of plaque or tartar on your teeth, and can play an important role in promoting good dental health. Nice to know that protecting your pearly whites can be that easy!

Diet Aid

Packed with anti oxidants, a little caffeine, and the same chemicals that have helped the French benefit from red wine’s weight loss properties, Chinese tea has now been proven to help in weight loss. A recent study, where one group of men drank Chinese green tea, and another coffee, while consuming the same amount of calories, showed that the tea drinkers lost more weight than their coffee drinking counterparts. Proof positive that despite skepticism, Chinese tea helps you lose weight.

Aiding in Cancer Prevention and Cure

A chemical known as EGCG, present in significant quantities in Chinese teas, had been proven in lab tests to slow the growth of cancerous cells, or even prevent cancer from forming. As a natural antioxidant, while the EGCG inn green tea fights cancer, it does not, like chemo or radiation therapy, have any negative side effects. So raise a cup, and help fight cancer!

Combating High Cholesterol

Diet, genetics and other factors all play a role in high bad cholesterol levels, which are a major health risk. Chinese green tea, however, has been shown to actively lower these levels, so if you’re trying to lower, or control, your cholesterol, it’s a fantastic choice. But that’s not all it does! It also helps to thin the blood, which can prevent clot formation. And with deep vein thrombosis and strokes of growing concern, whether you’re an international traveler or just worried about stroke, drinking Chinese teas are a great preventative measure.

Treating Headaches

With its anti inflammatory and other properties, it’s really no surprise that the Chinese have sung the praises of Chinese tea as a headache preventative for years. Not only that, but it’s also been used by that ancient nation to treat other disorders, like depression. Wouldn’t it be great to banish aspirin and Prozac, and just enjoy a cup of Chinese tea a few times a day?

It’s hard enough staying healthy in our busy modern world, and with so many proven, diverse health benefits, both in terms of treatment and prevention, it would seem that switching to Chinese tea might offer considerable health benefits, which are easy to integrate in a busy lifestyle. So, if you do one good thing for your health this year, make the switch to Chinese tea, and reap the rewards.

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