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Elderly Care In San Francisco

Elderly Care in San Francisco
When we venture out of our home toward office, our main concerns are of kids and parents. For kids there are nannies and pre-schools. But what about old parents, they are as sensitive and dependent as a kid and require as much care. Caring about these special people in our lives, there are many home care centers in San Francisco.
These home care centers are responsible that the senior citizens face no problem, personal or health when the family members are not at home or are too busy. It has been seen that with this specialized care the quality of life of senior citizens is increased and also their life span. The home care in San Francisco is quite affordable and therefore different strata of society can easily afford it. Good home care services respect an individual”s privacy and at the same time provide full support. Many such agencies provide personalized care takers depending on the demand of client. After all bonding between caregiver and client is the whole essence of these services.
Many home care agencies based in San Francisco provide services in the nearby areas also. The main clients are the senior citizens who want to live independently without any interference and physically or mentally disabled people. The services provided by home care in San Francisco are quite varied. There are hourly services, overnight services and round the clock services. The rates depend on the number of hours a caregiver is required to spend with client. The care-givers are certified and trained nurses as well as professionals who know how to manage emergency situations. The hourly rates of home care services are about fifteen to twenty dollars without any medical services. While round the clock services are bit expensive at about one-fifty to two hundred dollar per day. In case of medical services there may be other overheads also.
Many home care services provide care-givers who are bilingual and these services often co-ordinate with the hospitals to select a particular care-giver for a particular client. Before a care-giver is recruited he/she is thoroughly checked and goes through many screening processes. There are reference checks, skill assessments, social security checks and criminal background checks too.
Home care services in San Francisco boast of hundred percent satisfaction records. With such specialized services and expert care takers you can be sure that your parents are in safe hands.
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We provide Options for your loved ones to maintain their independence. Our caregivers must pass State and Federal background checks and our proprietary 12-step personality, psychological, and skills screening. You can rest assured that the seniors who depend on you are receiving the very best in elder care.