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Dog Food Recipes For a Healthier Dog

There are many dog food recipes listed on the Internet, but you need to be certain that the ingredients meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

While I do think that home made dog food is the best way to a healthier dog, I would suggest you learn as much as you can about the subject before you look at recipes.

The proper amount of Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Vitamins and Water are all the basic nutrients needed for a healthy dog. The key is you need to learn to feed your dog a balanced diet that includes the nutrients listed above.

Every dog is different and that is why commercially processed pet food fails miserably when it comes to keeping our dogs healthy. There is no way they can come up with a commercially made dog food recipe that will be right for every dog.

With home made dog food recipes you can tailor the dog food recipe to the age, breed and current health of your dog. You make enough to last a week or two and by freezing it you beat the need for preservatives.

While I’m going to include a few dog food recipes below I can’t stress how important it is to learn how to recognize the needs of your dog and therefore selecting dog food recipes that will be the most beneficiary for him.

Canine Meat and Grain Menu 2 cups cooked brown rice 2/3 cup Lean beef 2 teaspoons lard — or veggie oil 1/4 cup vegetables –no onion *Supplements Mix the above. You can cook the meat if you want to, use your judgment. Serve slightly warm. *For supplements, add 2 tsp. powder and 1 tsp. oil to feed daily- now this is for a 5-15 lb. dog, and the book instructs to use double supplements for a puppy.

Chow Chow Chicken 2 chicken thighs — or white meat 1 stalk celery — sliced thick 3 carrot — peeled and halved 2 small potato –peeled and cubed 2 cups rice — uncooked Place chicken pieces in large pot. Cover with cold water (5 -6 cups). Add carrots, celery, and potatoes to water. Add salt to taste if you want. Cover and simmer on low heat about 2 hours until the chicken becomes tender. Add the rice, cover and cook over low heat for about 30 minutes until the rice is tender and most of the liquid is absorbed. Remove soup from heat. Pull the chicken meat off the bone ( if will practically fall off), discard bones. Return shredded pieces to pot. Stir well. Let cool. Store in the refrigerator or freeze.

Mike Considine has done extensive research on dog foods, and while he has includes some of the dog food recipes he feeds his dogs, he has also put together a healthy top ten best dog food list here.

Chinese Milk Enterprises Will Face The Test Of What? Mengniu Guess The New Era – Mengniu, Milk

Football is round, milk is white, this is a simple fact, but on July 7 dairy industry boss Mengniu With the local 500 COFCO joint, the dairy industry what will change? Dairy industry is not been the steady rise? Ordinary consumers, what kind of milk you can drink a new taste? The mainstream of China’s future consumption of milk is what? New ” Food Safety Law “Chinese milk enterprises will face the test of what?

A series of problems have shown that, despite only a cup of white milk, but the second half of 2009 Dairy Market, there will be more changes and color.

Capital of the war, the strong Always the Winner
7 7, Mengniu and COFCO have formed a strategic Cooperation Partnership, COFCO joint Magnolia Fund will invest 6.1 billion dollar acquisition of a 20% stake in Mengniu, China Mengniu grain will thus become the largest single shareholder.

This partnership, once again confirms the strong dairy Always the Winner of the phenomenon, a securities analyst in the food that will be synergy with Mengniu, Mengniu injection of funds into the industry may be bigger and better corporate structure is conducive to enterprise internationalization; while the grain itself as the world top 500 enterprises, the income of its dairy boss for the construction of the whole food industry chain strategy, also increased a great bargaining chip.

Mengniu shares for the significance of grain, Niu Gensheng This conclusion is “three”: food safety more internationalized, more global integration of strategic resources, Raw material More integration of the product. This indicates that the food “from farm to fork” security system and national integration in the global food resources in the process of building a global network, will be used to Mengniu, which makes Mengniu’s food safety system has been updated higher, but also consumer confidence standpoint?? international platform.

More experts indicate, “the food, serving Chinese food are also integrated,” but the last of the Integration of food grain has been “missing piece” that “baby food”?? Milk. The co-operation in food and Mengniu, also in the grain to make inroads into “baby food” in the field of a signal.

Other dairy brands also seeking change in the situation, Beijing Ternary M Hebei Sanlu just ended, and Shanghai are also changes in the light of the shares. In order to franchise the main industry, the actual holding of the leadership that will be years after the equity transfer of light.

From a second-tier of view, by far the largest acquisition of Heilongjiang Wanda Beland 51% stake, this process in just one month, showing a bigger and stronger determination.

Change from this capital, we can see that the market is always a sensitive sense of smell, each dairy companies are seeking to stabilize the well, enabling up to stabilize the situation, but the company’s strength and size is different for partners with different paths, also chose a different development results, the market will eventually be the strongest to the resources and structure the best business tilt. Wise

gossip stop Market analysts said, since the opening up of capital markets should be a fair competition in the market, by means of malicious slander and false charges to discredit the normal market behavior so as much. In fact, since the grain Mengniu marriage was announced, the question on the lack of sound, directed mostly directed at Mengniu, that their management would like to withdraw from those who have the paper money, that the funds were there of strand breaks, Mengniu trees that hold those who are wearing the red top. However, these voices are convincing because there is not enough rational voices were covered. Thus, the Voice of challenge in turn point to the food.

7 afternoon of 22, 1 “in Liang Ning, chairman of learning has been suspended,” the report spread quickly on the Internet, the paper speculated that the source was suspended Ning Mengniu shares. However, a lie is a lie after all, a few hours later, Ning himself out of the rumor, saying that the rumors unfounded, and legal means to defend its reputation in the food.

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Chinese Herbs For Menopause Symptoms

Asian women living in Asia have a much smoother transition into menopause than American women. Why? Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to help menopause symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes, low libido, depression and low estrogen.

The following is a list of popular Chinese herbs that work!

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is a popular herb that balances hormones and relieves menopausal symptoms such as insomnia, depression, vaginal dryness and hot flashes. It mimics the effect of estrogen in the body and helps increase estrogen levels. Women’s estrogen levels decline during perimenopause and menopause creating an imbalance. This imbalance manifests as night sweats, hot flashes, moodiness, weight gain and insomnia. It is important to have all of your hormone levels checked to see what needs to be replenished. For many women, black cohosh works wonders. Stress levels are reduced and mood is enhanced.


Soy contains phytoestrogens that work naturally with the body to elevate estrogen levels and balance out menopausal symptoms. Soy prevents Osteoporosis by keeping the bones strong. It also contains protein that helps reduce cholesterol levels and incidents of heart disease or stroke. It can be found naturally in soy beans , soy milk , tofu and soy nuts. You can find practically anything made of soy these days! If you have thyroid conditions soy is not recommended.


Ginseng is an adaptagen herb that helps the body restore itself to health. It has been used as an energy tonic for centuries and was once prescribed for enlightening the mind and increasing inner wisdom. It enhances a women’s low libido which is a very typical complaint in menopause. It also helps vaginal dryness making intercourse more comfortable. Ginseng is also known as a tonic that promotes relaxation and energy. It helps control night sweats and hot flashes and balances out mood swings. Ginseng is an herb that is beneficial for everyone.

Angelica Sinesis

Angelica Sinesis is a dried root grown in China typically used to stabilize blood vessels and reduce hot flashes and night sweats in women going through perimenopause and menopause. This will ensure a good nights’ sleep which your body needs to stay healthy. It also helps in balancing mood swings.


Motherwort is a calming herb frequently used to treat menopause symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitations, and rapid heart beat. It improves mental outlook and reduces the effects of stress. Motherwort helps in regulating the thyroid, liver, heart and blood vessels. It is also excellent in treating post partum depression and PMS.

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Elderly Care In San Francisco

Elderly Care in San Francisco
When we venture out of our home toward office, our main concerns are of kids and parents. For kids there are nannies and pre-schools. But what about old parents, they are as sensitive and dependent as a kid and require as much care. Caring about these special people in our lives, there are many home care centers in San Francisco.
These home care centers are responsible that the senior citizens face no problem, personal or health when the family members are not at home or are too busy. It has been seen that with this specialized care the quality of life of senior citizens is increased and also their life span. The home care in San Francisco is quite affordable and therefore different strata of society can easily afford it. Good home care services respect an individual”s privacy and at the same time provide full support. Many such agencies provide personalized care takers depending on the demand of client. After all bonding between caregiver and client is the whole essence of these services.
Many home care agencies based in San Francisco provide services in the nearby areas also. The main clients are the senior citizens who want to live independently without any interference and physically or mentally disabled people. The services provided by home care in San Francisco are quite varied. There are hourly services, overnight services and round the clock services. The rates depend on the number of hours a caregiver is required to spend with client. The care-givers are certified and trained nurses as well as professionals who know how to manage emergency situations. The hourly rates of home care services are about fifteen to twenty dollars without any medical services. While round the clock services are bit expensive at about one-fifty to two hundred dollar per day. In case of medical services there may be other overheads also.
Many home care services provide care-givers who are bilingual and these services often co-ordinate with the hospitals to select a particular care-giver for a particular client. Before a care-giver is recruited he/she is thoroughly checked and goes through many screening processes. There are reference checks, skill assessments, social security checks and criminal background checks too.
Home care services in San Francisco boast of hundred percent satisfaction records. With such specialized services and expert care takers you can be sure that your parents are in safe hands.
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home care san francisco
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We provide Options for your loved ones to maintain their independence. Our caregivers must pass State and Federal background checks and our proprietary 12-step personality, psychological, and skills screening. You can rest assured that the seniors who depend on you are receiving the very best in elder care.

The Museums of San Francisco

San Francisco is an enigmatic city that is packed with many exciting attractions and historical sites. It also has a very welcoming bunch of inhabitants, many of whom will be more than happy to point out the best points of interest to polite tourists, and could just be one of the friendliest cities you’ll visit.

There’s also a vast cultural scene to San Fran, which can be discovered through visits to any of its fantastic museums. There are many to choose from and plenty of opportunities to learn about things that cater to your specific interests, so why not start planning your San Francisco museum experience today?

No matter what interests you most, there’s no arguing that the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a must-see. This exquisite gallery welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors through its doors each year and with good reason; it is well worth visiting. You may also be interested in the fantastic anthropological holdings of the de Young museum, as well as the amazing collection of Asian artefacts housed in the Asian Art Museum, of which some pieces date back as far as 6,000 years.

Some more detailed museums include ones that are ideal for bringing the kids to. These include the Cartoon Art Museum, where you can see original cells from many cartoons from childhood – both yours and the little ones’ – and the Ripley’s Believe it or Not attraction, which is immensely popular with adults and kids alike. Coming up in San Francisco’s future is also the Walt Disney Family Museum, which is bound to go a long way towards tempting yet more kids into this fantastic place of learning.

Other iconic museums include the Contemporary Jewish Museum, which showcases today’s art and culture of the Jewish faith, and the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum that will have both kids and adults revelling in fun as they learn all about the wonderful world of science.

These are just a few of the many, many museums that can be found in San Francisco. You can be sure that you’ll barely spend any time in San Francisco hotels thanks to the sheer breadth of museums to visit, but that won’t bother you too much – after all, you’ll be so busy finding out so many fascinating facts about San Fran and its surroundings that you won’t even notice the tiredness creeping in until you slide between the sheets at bedtime.

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Quick Healthy Recipes – Get Hands On Numerous Quick Healthy Recipes Here

Now it is regularly effortful to achieve the time to provide your own meals at home for the reason that a lot of other things to do in a day. The clear explain to healthy living is to plan and cook your own food. The good news is that there are plenty of quick healthy recipes that taste great and are also easy to provide.

The secret to quick healthy recipes is planning ahead. Prepare in advance your menus for the week and get all the materials with one trip to the grocery store. Then you will be all set to feed your family an appetizing meal.

You manage cook a tasty food in just 30 minutes, selecting a healthy recipe that can be prepared in very little time makes it possible to make healthy food more generally which is excellent for you and your health.

Several recipes are designed to make life easier for active people by employing ingredients such as fresh vegetables and spices for blending to provide the nutritional ingredients necessary to hold energy levels.

Healthy recipes had not acceptable compliance in the past because people often comprehended that something healthy would not taste excellent.
Time have changed since and there are numerous tasty, quick healthy recipes achievable that can be processed in just a few minutes. Taking the time to provide healthy recipes at home can conclude in excellent cost savings as well.

Vegetable recipes are also becoming widespread now as some people are turning vegetarians. These are healthy alternatives frequently grown naturally.
Leafy greens may be used in salads, soups, or even as a main dish in itself. It requires little time to cook. Some people desire veggies to be half-cooked only considering most nutrients are lost in heat.

Here are several quick healthy recipes ideas. These kind of recipes can be prepared in just a few minutes. They are flavorful and nutritious. When you planning grocery shopping, arrange a list of the ingredients you need for the dishes you are planning to make. If you do this it will simply speed up the entire routine.

Spaghetti only takes a few minutes to boil. You can buy spaghetti sauce in a bottle. It only takes a couple of minutes to heat it up in a sauce pan. Grated Parmesan cheese can be sprinkled on top. Heat some French bread in the oven. Make a salad of lettuce with carrots and green peppers. You will have a fast delectable meal with this spaghetti dinner.

Cut up some broccoli, onions, mushrooms and stir fry it in a frying pan or a wok. Add some wine and soy sauce for a nice stir fried. Boil some white rice. Serve the vegetables over the rice for a flavorful Chinese stir fry.

Developing tasty ingredients into healthy meal for a single person or an entire family that has been treated quickly is an excellent way to keep cooking simple.

You can make several quick healthy recipes as you wish, at any moment, and stay in great shape with careful use of the ingredients to deliver meals that taste desirable and you and your family love to eat them at any time.

Next, get latest news & info about quick healthy recipes and other recipes here.