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Low Calorie Soup Recipes – 4 Healthy Soup Recipes for Weight Loss

Azoospermia is a condition also known as nil sperm count. It is the reason why many couples can’t conceive babies and it is a cause of frustration especially in young families. Azoospermia means that a man has either no sperm in his ejaculate or he has absolutely zero sperm count. There can be many causes for this condition, but it has no symptoms at all. Men can only discover it when they notice they can’t make babies and perform a fertility test.

Once discovered, azoospermia is curable and you can regain your fertility. It is best to choose a natural cure or treatment for azoospermia or nil sperm count. In the great majority of cases, this condition is the result of a hormonal imbalance. Natural treatments are based on herbs that substitute the male hormones in the body and balance their levels. They increase the sperm count and also the sperm motility.

Natural herbal treatment for azoospermia or nil sperm count is mainly composed of ayurvedic herbs. These have properties similar with those of the hormones that enhance the sperm production. Tribulus terrestris is one of the herbs that cure azoospermia. It is used for many years in fertility related problems, low male libido and other sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. Tribulus terrestris increases the level of estrogen and testosterone and also improves the blood circulation in the entire area, but mainly in the reproductive system and the urinary tract.

Safed musli is highly recommended by specialists in the ayurvedic medicine because it seems to have properties that improve semen count, semen volume and semen motility. These are the main factors that affect the fertility in men. Safed musli is also helpful in a great variety of other conditions generated by a malfunctioning of the reproductive system. It seems to be increasing both fertility and performance in men.

There are also other ayurvedic herbs that treat azoospermia. Ashwaganda, shilajit and mucuna pruriens have good effects on the health of the reproductive system. They also have aphrodisiac effects. Mucuna pruriens is the most powerful aphrodisiac. It also increases the testosterone level and the libido, by stimulating the production of dopamine. Mucuna pruriens also has effects at the level of the nervous system, toning it and increasing sensitivity and coordination.

Azoospermia or nil sperm count is entirely treatable with a natural herbal treatment. As a general rule for avoiding this condition, avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol, never wear tight underwear and avoid excessive heating of the testicles. Eat healthy and keep your weight under control.

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Low Carb Breakfast and Healthy Snack Recipes

* Low GI Foods, 40 and Under on the Index.

These are low carb breakfast slow-release foods. All pulses – beans including baked beans, lentils, chickpeas, the brassica family of vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower especially the stalks, wholegrain nuts, rye bread, oats and oat bran, apples, plums, pears,cherries, acocado, leaks.

* Medium Gl Foods, 41-60 on the index.

These are fine if you eat with a little protein: sweetcorn, mangos, oat cakes, wholegrain, pasta, brown basmati, rice, figs, steamed potatoes in their skins beetroot, raw carrots and wholemeal bread.

* High GI Foods, Over 60 on the Index.

Try and eat these foods in moderation, with a little protein in a low carb breakfast, but avoid the foods which are really just pure refined sugars. Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, white bread, white rice and pasta, honey cooked carrots, parsnip, swede, squash, sugar, ripe bananas, sweets and chocolate sugared breakfast cereal, watermelon, raisins, biscuits, desserts, ice cream, cakes and pastries, rice cakes and cous cous.

The American Nurses’ Health Study found that it was not the overall amount of carbohydrate eaten that affected fertility but the GI ranking of the foods their research participants ate, that is, how quickly they were converted to glucose in the body.
A low carb breakfast for women in the high GI intake group, were 92 per cent more likely to have problems ovulating than those in the lower groups, so blood sugar balance is important.

Sugar Accelerates the Aging Process.

A low carb breakfast with a high-sugar diet accelerates the aging process, and particularly if you’re a little older, you want to delay age-related damage as much as possible. The process to blame is called glycation, and is caused by the attachment of sugar to proteins which together form destructive molecules called advanced glycation end products, known rather appropriately as AGEs. AGES affect the structural tissues that are made of collagen and elastin. They cause wrinkles in the skin, literally making it hard and brittle. AGES are also related to increased oxidative stress, another side effect of aging and cellular damage.

Moreover, recent studies have shown that accumulation of AGES may influence IVF success rates and of course, the odd glass of wine or bar of good chocolate is not going to affect your chances. It’s the everyday consistent consumption of those refined carbohydrates that counts. Always stick with a low carb breakfast diet, however treat yourself every now and again but otherwise say no.


The whole subject of dietary fats is very topical at the moment, and with government campaigns urging us to lower our fat consumption it’s no wonder that many people are a little confused. Fat is absolutely crucial for every function in the body and low- or no-fat diets are an absolute no for fertility. The body needs fat for energy and growth, fats make the texture and taste of food good, and they help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. However, there is no doubt that some fats are much better than others and the type of fat eaten is crucial.. first thing with a healthy low carb breakfast.

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San Francisco and Your Teenager

Teens are beautiful and unique creatures. At least this is what we as parents keep telling ourselves. The problem with teens is that their tastes and wants change almost hourly so it is quite difficult to determine at lunch what will appeal to them at dinner. Fortunately, if you are planning a visit to San Francisco, California, there is most likely something that will appeal to them no matter what mood they are in at the moment.

I always recommend allowing older children and teens (even younger children in a limited capacity) to have some voice in deciding what activities to do while on vacation. After all, it is their vacation too and just because we think they will like it doesn’t necessarily mean they are remotely interested in it-this goes back to the beautiful and unique creature statement.

The great thing about San Francisco is that while your teen may swing in vicious cycles between being a child and thinking he or she is grown, there is quite a lot that will appeal to both sides of your teen’s personality. Fisherman’s Wharf is probably my favorite San Francisco destination. Pier 39 offers a great number of attractions for teens. From Frequent Flyers where your teen can experience the feeling of being air born to the Riptide Arcade, with shopping, sea lions, and entertainers in between there is a lot that this area has to offer the teen in your family. You can also rent a kayak and let your teen do the navigating, if you’re really brave that is. Another attraction at Fisherman’s Wharf that your teen might find more enjoyable than anyone else in the family is the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum.

I think even a teenagers won’t find trolley tours beneath them. In fact, your teenager might have a great deal of fun taking one of these tours as well as accidentally learning some small nugget of information about San Francisco history that will stay with them long after the vacation is over.

If you feel up for a ride, you might consider taking your teen to Paramount’s Great America in San Jose. In fact, this is a trip that the entire family might enjoy. Little kids can enjoy the Nickelodeon characters and the rides that are designed especially with them in mind. Teens and adults can enjoy some of the more thrilling rides created for the adrenaline junkies in your life.

Your teen might get a kick out of a trip to the Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf. This museum offers realistic recreations of people, events, and horrors beyond imagination-well my imagination. This is definitely one of the more interesting destinations in San Francisco. Take a walk through history or onto the set of the latest horror movie. It all seems so real and the characters so life like.

Your teen may really enjoy one of the Alcatraz tours. They offer a day tour and an evening tour. I seriously recommend the evening tour if at all possible as there are more features than on the day tour and it makes a much more ‘thrilling’ experience. You may also wish to combine a tour to Angel Island with your trip to Alcatraz. Angel Island also has a rich history as well as some breathtaking views and great trails for hiking and biking. You could also consider making a day of your trip to Angel Island, especially if your teen enjoys either of these activities.

And then there’s the shopping, a favorite pastime for teen girls and a potential bonding experience for mothers and daughters. Conversely, men can bond with teenaged sons and/or daughters over a nice sports game. The bay area offers many options for sports lovers.

No matter what your teenagers tastes at the moment, I have no doubt that you will find something in this great city that you can all agree on. Be sure to work in attractions that you wish to enjoy between the attractions of your teen. This will make the interests of the other more tolerable for everyone.

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Where To Get Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss

Losing weight is not so easy. But if you’re armed with the right kind of weapons, success is not so difficult to reach. If you have healthy recipes for weight loss in your hands, it does not only mean that you are on the right track to succeed in your epic battle against fat but it also means that your health is sure to be boosted as you consume nothing but healthy foods.

If you are in a healthy diet, you are in a healthy cooking mode as well. As you do this, you help yourself achieve your desired weight because you do not only become conscious of what you eat but you also become more aware of the ingredients used in the recipes that you follow. The rule is quite simple, if you want to eat healthy, you cook healthy by following healthy recipes for weight loss. These recipes will serve as your guide and can help you in every step of the way in reaching your target weight.

A combination of diet and exercise is the best way to lose a few extra pounds. You do not just lose weight but you can also tone up as you lose weight because of the exercise. But there are people who can not find the time or effort to engage in such strenuous activity or stick to their diet. Resorting to a healthy diet with healthy recipes for weight loss is their best option as it can certainly make wonders in their bodies by making them lose weight.

The Internet is a great source of healthy recipes for weight loss. A large number of sites dedicated to fitness have a large collection of recipes that promotes the health by eating healthy. You can use Google to look for more recipes as you will surely end up with hundreds of results. Another great source of healthy recipes is the cookbook. If you are knowledgeable enough in the field of healthy foods, you can easily determine ingredients that may help your weight loss goal be reached, thus a simple recipe book can be a good source of healthy recipes.

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