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Traditional Chinese Medicine For MS

Perhaps looking to Western medicine for MS is not the only answer when it comes to the treatment for those afflicted. Many people are instead turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine instead as a way to find relief from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that the roots of most diseases are affected by many factors including behavioral, spiritual, emotional, climatic and dietary habits.

The TCM approach to medicine for MS is to adjust environmental and human influences through changes in lifestyle, the use of traditional herbal medicines and physical therapy. In TCM the doctrine holds that all ingested substances have a direct effect on the body. This means that diet is adjusted to maintain the body’s balance by the way food is prepared and by the choices of foods.  In the traditional mindset all foods, herbs and medicines are considered part of the same subject when it comes to health.

Chinese medical doctrines believe that diseases like multiple sclerosis stem from an imbalance of spiritual and emotional factors. They think that the disease may lie dormant until it is trigger by an event such as an infectious disease. The theory is that the body is weakened by emotional or spiritual stress and thus more susceptible to contracting MS. Medicine for this is best described as putting your emotional and spiritual house in order. Meditation and talking with ones elders to resolve stressful issues is seen as the best treatment for this.

The Chinese like the West use the introduction into the body of a “medicine” for MS as a way to treat the symptoms. The only difference is that in the West various drugs are used that tend to create some very unpleasant side effects, whereas the Chinese solution is to use a mixture of herbs to achieve similar results. Tests conducted show that the Chinese have achieved remarkable success using a combination of herbs, acupuncture and other forms of traditional medicines in reducing the number of exacerbations experienced in large numbers of multiple sclerosis patients. It has been noted that these remedies or treatments may also help to relieve many other health problems along the way.

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