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Chinese Leather Are

Chinese leather are – Water Town located in the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province, Aojiang upstream, is a national scenic spot Yandang south east gate is Pingyang economic sub-center, and the county Peikang regional economic, cultural and transportation center and material distribution center, known for beautiful landscapes, vast and economically vibrant hinterland known. The town a total area of 36.3 square kilometers of arable land area of 15672 acres under the jurisdiction of five offices, 45 administrative villages and 14 residential areas, household population of 70000 people, more than 20000 foreign workers.

 Water Town has a strategic location, nature’s treasures, outstanding people. Since the Third Plenum, Water Town people warm spring breezes and promptly seize the opportunity to concentrate their energies on economic development, and unswervingly push forward reform and opening up the development of indomitable resolve the outstanding issues and leather-year period began in the Song Dynasty carry forward the traditional industries, forming the country’s largest pig leather processing base. The new century, water-Town by the State named “Chinese skin is.” More than 550 existing tannery town, the annual output value of more than 30 million, of which a hundred million of the tannery are six, nine consecutive years, exports highest in foreign exchange out town, Wenzhou City, Wenzhou, comprehensive economic strength into the strong Town ranks, the rise of the leather, leather products, leather clothing, pet supplies, badminton, iron and other six pillar industries. Water Town has won the National District efforts are excellent towns, Zhejiang Province town of Health, Zhejiang Province town of sports art, education, strong town of Zhejiang province, Wenzhou city civilizations Town, Pingyang Town, such as industrial-Star honor.

 In 2001, the town achieved a GDP of 1.14 billion, industrial and agricultural output value of more than 35 billion yuan, the value of export supply 1.04 billion yuan, financial revenue 125 million, per capita income of urban residents reached 8503 yuan, per capita income of farmers to 4800 RMB. The rise of a number of million villages and well-off village, took the lead into the Wenzhou City, the ranks of the first well-off towns.

 Water Town perfected urban infrastructure, water, electricity, roads, education, health, communications, marketing and other relatively developed, the town of 110 KV and 35 KV substations each one; 11,000 tons a water plant; program-controlled telephone 3 thousand doors, mobile phones, two thousand doors; roads extend in all directions, with 57 trans-provincial highway in this town connected with the 104 national highway, head Pingyang County’s North Harbor Boulevard Avenue and dovetail day sent to the national inter-provincial bus more than 100 times, and gradually improved passenger and freight transport center to lead the city’s comprehensive transport system. Town water, increasing their overseas investment in education. All the town to build a new primary and secondary schools, garden-style unique new campus, the environment pleasant, and cultural atmosphere of a strong, flat is the city’s two first-class high school, Zhejiang A-Senior High School; Shuitou a demonstration in the provincial rural areas junior high school. Water Town market discipline, clean and tidy. Leather City, Zhejiang Province south of the provincial civilized regulate the market, provincial and regional key markets, trade with an integrated market is the province of road three-star market. China tiger Shuitou Hao Group is the most representative of modern enterprise, the production of high-grade casual series of products and high-grade casual suit products, and striving for casual wear brand in China. Fu Hao Hotel, Pegasus Hotel facilities in central and western regions respectively, the county’s most complete three-star, two star hotel, with offices, conference, accommodation, catering and entertainment as one of the landmark building.

 Town water, unique geographical conditions, farm goods Toyozane diverse, native products very local features, including sugar cane, taro, water chestnut bamboo shoots, green tea, etc. fame of.

 Town water, rich in tourism resources, beautiful landscapes, numerous cultural landscape, travel, sightseeing, an ideal place for summer – South Yandangshan as well as important patriotic education bases – Chess monuments and Southern Song Dynasty poetry, the patriotic poet Lin Ji-shan Forest of Stone Tablets, the provincial seat of a big lie Feng crown tip, Ma Tau Town Gang are close to the water.

 On the occasion of the new century, the institutional transformation, restructuring of the historical period, the water Town will combine practical, to accelerate the pace of reform and opening up, create new advantages in innovation performance, with a new attitude toward “the western commercial center of Wenzhou”, “Zhejiang Province, an important export-oriented economic base, “” a modern small city “,” Chinese leather capital “of the development goals of dignity and strive to move forward.

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