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Disparity In San Francisco

It may be no wonder why individuals aspire to be San Francisco bankruptcy lawyers because the city of San Francisco, California has so much to offer. San Francisco bankruptcy lawyers would join the growing ranks of a population that earns a very attractive, if not lucrative median household income and family income. The median household income averages approximately a little over $ 65,000 while the median family income is a little over $ 80,000.

This might set career professionals like, San Francisco bankruptcy lawyers apart from other residents of the city. In fact, the cost of living got so high that only the elite could afford to live there. This prompted a movement as middle class families have moved because they simply could no longer afford the high cost of living in the city. Plenty of opportunity exists for the skilled and educated members of society. San Francisco is big on internet based technologies so that is a growing market there. In addition, the health care sector is also very prominent in San Francisco so much so that the city set aside a budget of more than six billion dollars in order to provide medical care to its citizens.

San Francisco has a number of billionaires and currently has a poverty rate of 11.8% which is lower than the national average poverty rate. The unemployment rate in San Francisco currently hovers around 10.1% which is slightly less than the national unemployment rate of 10.2%. This is more evidence to the fact of disparity between the rich and poor there. The opportunities are plentiful for some and others, not so much. If the opportunity does not exist for you to make a comfortable living in San Francisco but you do not have the means to relocate your family, then this could lead to a situation that progresses to a personal bankruptcy filing.

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Chinese Food Packaging Machinery Industry, The Brand Is Taking Shape

Chinese food packaging machinery industry is born in a market economy, free enterprise is basically a mix up.

The one hand, the early 80s last century our country has just entered the market economy, a number of small and medium enterprises will be at a loss to leave the national plan, companies are faced with great difficulties, some of the original manufacturing Machine tool , Farm machinery enterprises to packaging machinery, food manufacturing machinery development; In addition, because the market demand, some private enterprises are optimistic about the industry, in packaging and food machinery find a way out. In this case, the machinery industry in 1981 established the Department of packaging machinery in China Packaging Technology Association, the Committee, established in 1984 times, and the Food Industry Association China Food Machinery Association, September 1989 merger of the two two associations of Chinese food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association (national level associations with Shetuanfaren). As a starting point only true and accurate set up food and packaging machinery industry, as the Department of Mechanical Industry of 12 straight one of the industries.

Relative to China’s machinery industry, food and packaging machinery industry, 32 years later, it is a naive and industry, of course, rapid development, but there are also serious deficiencies, mainly in the following three aspects.

For enterprises of different origin (state-owned, collective, private), capital, equipment, technology strength are significant differences between high and low starting point there. The general trend is less the high starting point, most companies are hovering at a low level device. Good comparison for the simple automatic Sealing machine , A hundred of enterprises in the region had produced, size is not large, the last two decades have not changed much, only because of the specialization produced Ershi produced capital greatly reduced. While greater demand, but because Unity Region produced a large number of repeated, resulting in low-cost competition, a machine can be traded more than 1,000 yuan, the profit margin is very small. There are some products did not change the face of ten years (such as small liquid Filling machine ), Produced numerous enterprises, low-price competition caused by cutting corners, reducing steel, resulting in wear resistance, corrosion function greatly reduced. Some companies just follow behind others to see what kind of equipment do good, others make money at what equipment what equipment to counterfeit, without regard to intellectual property, another copy, which lead to market confusion. One entrepreneur said: “In the past I have engaged in new product every six months, someone with a kind of do not, forced me to quickly re-establish different. Now, my new high technology products, and others can not keep up, and I am also relieved. “

Recent export companies find business opportunities in foreign markets, some of the often indiscriminate investments to a number of products competing for customers themselves to kill each other, desperate to bargain, there is not only profitable “selling” the horse. Shows the concept of the industry still was not changed, may be poor and backward China over the past century has created a “simple product even a little coarse and heavy, as long as it is cheap, able to make do with on the line” mentality. To intervene in this state of mind of international market competition, the ultimate result in our products abroad, as against “selling” the investigation of the object, then the loss is not a business but the entire profession. Hopefully, the industry must guard against such malicious competition in the situation. Duplication is a relatively low level easy to do, once the high technology, and the potential for duplication natural to small. Produced low levels of repeat serious consequences caused by disruption of markets, technologies back, corporate suicide, industry damaged.

Because the industry is still an emerging industry with the industry than the total number of employees and enterprises, industry research institutes, tertiary institutions, the proportion of the corresponding professional is still more rare. Even if this predicament, after scientific research institutes to enterprises, most of its technical staff in the struggle for survival, many research institutions Sell Product-based, scientific research does not show his upper hand, so the application of new technologies arise from the faults. Even if there are new research results, because there is no ability to promotion, users do not know, can not be converted to produce power in a timely manner, while the company was forced to completely rely on its technology strength to develop new products.

Sales of scientific research out of touch not only caused great extravagance, is not conducive to technology to improve. Some pioneering work such as ultra-low temperature, high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum and other institutes of technology and equipment alone are unable to complete an urgent need for businesses to invest in capital.

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Ten Healing Foods Used in Chinese Herbal Medicine

When we think about Chinese medicine, most of us immediately think of acupuncture, however, the use of herbs in healing is a cornerstone of Chinese medicine, too. The theory behind herbal medicine is that each herb exerts several different effects on the body through its inherent temperature, actions, and the organ(s) that it affects.

Like herbs, foods also have healing properties. However, some foods have stronger actions on the body and are in fact considered herbs as well as foods. Among them:

Ginger is best known for its ability to settle an upset stomach. Also considered a very warm herb, ginger can be combined with scallions in broth to fight off the early stages of a cold.

Walnuts have been getting the thumbs up lately as a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids. However, walnuts are also used in Chinese herbal formulas and in food therapy to moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. Walnuts are also considered a good tonic for the Chinese Kidney – think longevity.

Watermelon is a food you often crave on a hot, humid day, and for good reason. Watermelon is cooling and moistening, and is used in Chinese medicine for a condition called Summerheat, which is that blah nauseous feeling you get when it’s really hot and sticky out.

Mung beans are also good for Summerheat. Boil the mung beans until they are soft and drink the water they were cooked in. If that sounds gross, just add a little broth, seasoning and some vegetables, and make it into a soup.

Cinnamon is warm and gets your energy moving. It’s good if you have a cold with lots of aches and pains.

Scallions are also warming and dispersing (moving). They are most commonly used in the early stages of a cold boiled with ginger. Drink the broth and go to bed – these herbs are used to cause a mild sweat, which can diffuse a cold before it gets too severe.

Hawthorne fruit can be found in Asian markets, as a supplement, or as a sour candy called Hawflakes. Hawthorne is good for something called food stagnation in Chinese medicine, which is similar to indigestion.

Garlic is known to kill parasites. It’s used as a flu preventative in Chinese medicine, as well as for food toxicity (food poisoning), with symptoms such as diarrhea and dysentery.

Chinese dates are great to tonify the Chinese Spleen. Signs of a Spleen weakness include shortness of breath, fatigue, poor appetite, lack of energy. Chinese dates can also be found in Asian markets and some health food stores. They can be eaten alone or added to salads and other dishes.

In the last couple of years, Goji berries have gotten a lot of attention as a food for health and longevity. Also known as Chinese Wolfberries, Goji berries are red, sweet and sour, and can be eaten or added to foods like raisins. In Chinese herbal medicine Goji berries are used for eye problems like blurred vision and diminished eyesight due to aging. Eating Goji berries for longevity wouldn’t be wrong, as they also benefit the Chinese Kidneys, which are associated with aging.

Lynn Jaffee is a licensed acupuncturist practicing in St. Louis Park, MN. She is also the author of the book, Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health. For more information and articles, check out her website at or her blog at

Carpet Cleaning San Francisco

There are many people who still use carpets in their houses and this means that they will be in for a lot more effort when they will decide to engage into the spring cleaning. There are a lot of ways that you could have your carpets cleaned up, but if you are not sure that you will do a good job, then you should really think about hiring some services that will deal with this problem properly and in a timely fashion. There are a lot of methods that can be used in order to clean carpets and we will be talking about them in the following minutes. Your mother in law would be curious about them, aren’t you?

Carpet cleaning using chem-dry has improve the steam cleaning system in the process they use carbonated water that is applied to the carpet which one of the best methods out there and everyone is not familiar with this type of cleaning. In the process, the carbonation leaves soil in the surface and is extracted out with a vacuum or bonnet system.  Most carpets dry in two hours rather than days. There is no sticky residue than detergents and their general cleaner the natural (green certified and safe non-toxic). If the carpet contains stains that are hard to remove they have special solutions specifically designed to remove them.

Dry Carpet cleaning San Francisco can take the shape of many solutions. For example, dry compounds will be applied on the carpet and after that, it will be brushed. How this works, is that the solution applied on the carpet will have the dirty particles absorbed. After this stage, the carpet will have to be vacuumed to complete the stage. In this process, there are specialized machines which are used, in order to finish up the job faster.

Another dry cleaning method is the encapsulation method. This makes use of some polymers which will turn the dirt particles into a solid form. After this, there will be a cleaning solution applied and after that, the carpet will be vacuumed. This is a very advanced cleaning treatment and it yields amazing results in just a few minutes.

Carpets are always a little more sensitive to dirt and that is why they need special cleaning methods than a wooden floor, for example. But in the end, they will just shine.

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Chile Powder Makes Many Texas Foods Classic

Traditional Texas cooking requires a broad range of seasonings, sauces, and spices. Many of these flavoring agents have drifted away from their early roots and have begun to spice liven up other cooking styles. You will find a large variation in blends of seasonings within Texas food today. This is producing dishes with bold, assertive flavors that are finding their way into other parts of the country.

Chile, with an “e”, is meant here when talking about peppers and pepper spices, not as the famous Texas bowl of red called chili (with an “i”). Chili cooking and recipes will be well-represented throughout the Food In Texas website, but here we will be talking about spices and seasonings.

The chile pepper was introduced to Texans by Spanish and Mexican settlers over 150 years ago. This sometimes hot, sometimes not fruit finds its way into almost every Texas recipe there is. Today, there is about 120 varieties of chiles grown in the state. They can be found fresh, pickled, smoked, frozen, dried, and canned.

Most of the dried chiles used in are found in the form of chile powder. This is a mixture of one or more kinds of dried chiles, combined with cumin and other dried spices. When using the store-bought powder at home, find brands that contain less or no salt, as well as a sweet taste. A quality chile powder should be warm to the taste but not burn your mouth. Chile powder should not be confused with chili mixes, which contain onions, garlic, thickeners,and other ingredients.

Many Texas recipes call for a ground dried red chile. This chile powder comes mostly from two chile peppers, the New Mexico chile, and the Ancho pepper, which has a chocolate, sweet taste. The New Mexico chile, called the “long red” by some, is hotter and a deeper red color than you will find in most packaged chile powders. This deep red color produces a chile powder that is the purest there is.

When at all possible, grind your own chile powder. It has deeper, more intense flavors than you will find in any packaged chile powder. To grind your own chile powder takes hardly any effort or time, but it is well-worth it. Remove all stems and seeds from the peppers, toast in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit until slightly crisp, break into pieces, then grind in a blender or spice grinder.

A couple of other chiles include passillas and mulatos, which are similar in heat, but with slightly different flavors. These can be grinded and blended to make your own special chile powder mixes, if you choose.

There are also quite a few other hotter chiles that can be used to make great chile powders in the same dried red form. These include the the tiny chiltepins or chile pequins, which grow wild in the southern part of Texas. Chile de arbol and cayenne, two other red chile cousins, also provide an intense heat. Chile de arbol ads more of a Mexican flavor, and the cayenne is normally associated with cajun food.

A milder variety of red chile available to make chile powder is the paprika. It usually comes already powdered, and provides a sweeter, less intense flavor. Some varieties of ground paprika provide almost no heat, and these should be avoided if wanting to add significant flavor to your dishes.

If purchasing packaged chile powders, only buy what you think you will use in the near future. The flavors of these powders lose their intensity in a very short time, so be prepared to change out your chile powder when it gets old.

Billy Bristol is the writer and editor for Food in Texas, a website devoted to the celebration of tradition homemade Texas Food. With simple recipes and cooking ideas that bring out the best in classic Texas cuisine, Food in Texas is creating its own culinary legacy.

Chinese Tea

China, in addition to being the homeland to the Han people and fifty-five other ethnic groups, is also the birth place for one of the world’s most consumed beverage- tea. Tea plants originated in China and were first used for medicinal purposes. It is believed that tea plants have been in existence in China for six thousand years already. Two thousand years ago, tea was developed as a drink. Since then, the Chinese learned to grow tea plants and to use the leaves as various types of tea that we drink today. Chinese tea leaves can be separated into five categories, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, scented tea, and compressed tea.

Of the five categories of tea, green tea is probably the most well-known. It is an unfermented tea. Because green tea is not fermented, its tea leaves maintain its original and natural color. Some well known green tea include Longjing tea from Hangzhou’s West Lake region, Biluochun tea from Jiangsu, Maofeng tea from the Huangshan Mountains of Anhui Province, and Liu’an Guopian tea from Liu’an County of Anhui Province. The black tea, unlike what its name indicates, is actually red. In Chinese, it is pronounced as “hong cha”, which literally means the red tea. Unlike the green tea, it is fermented. Famous black tea includes keemua tea from Anhui Province and Dian black tea from Yunnan Province. Next is the oolong tea. It is half fermented. Its tea leaves, being loose and thick, are in shades of golden yellow. The most favored oolong tea is bohea tea, which is produced within the Fujian Province’s Wuyi Mountains. Other oolong tea may come from Guangdong and Taiwan. The fourth variety is the scented tea. It is found only in China. Scented tea is created by smoking tea leaves with fragrant flowers. Examples of such fragrant flowers are jasmine and magnolia. Of all scented tea, the jasmine tae, produced in Fujian Province, is most famous. Jasmine tea is also most popular with northern Chinese and foreigners. Lastly is the compressed tea, which is compressed and hardened into a certain shape. Compressed tea is suitable for storage and for transportation; thus it is mainly shipped to minority groups living in the border regions of China. Compressed tea can be separated into the tuo tea and the brick tea. The tuo tea is a bowl shaped compressed mass of tea leaves, produced in Yunnan and Sichuan. The brick tea is shaped similar to the shape of a brick. This type of tea is a favorite amongst the Mongolians and Tibetans. Today, tea has grown to become a daily necessity for Chinese people. In fact, it has become a way of way. Tea drinking can promote a healthier lifestyle and the chemical compounds found in certain tea, such as the green tea, have been discovered to inhibit growth of cancer cells. Since the thousand of years in which Chinese tea has been consumed, tea drinking is only becoming more and more popular in today’s society.