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San Diego Food Drives

In recent years, San Diego Food Drives have attracted thousands of people. The success of the events is self evident that more and more people will participate in coming years. A food drive is an event that collects canned and boxed food items which are sent out to charitable organizations and poor people so that they eat and live healthy. Hundreds of such events are held almost every month at different geographic locations across the United States. Each such event is organized under a committee that sets a goal for its participants and encourages them to bring as much food items they can. Nowadays, a growing number of San Diego Food Drives are urging people to collect food for sick and abandoned animals.

There are various types of food a San Diego Food Drive intends to collect. Some popular items are: dry fruits, dry cereals, eggs, canned fish and chicken, pancakes and muffins, canned fruits and vegetables, butter, jelly, cheese, bread, cake, canned soups, cookies, oatmeal, spaghetti, vitamin and mineral supplements etc. These food items are essential for a healthy life and contain almost every nutritional supplement.

San Diego Food Drives are of many types:

Workplace Food Drives: as the name suggests, it is held at a workplace and encourages office members to bring canned and boxed items. Usually, it is organized by the human resource or the cultural department of an organization. Once the food collected, it is sent out to the San Diego Food Bank or any similar organization that collects food items for the poor.

Neighborhood Food Drives: It is the most popular of this type of program in the city. In such events, a group of people especially children distribute fliers in their locality. The fliers contain detailed information and request people to bring in their excess non perishable food items. To encourage peoples participation, the most contributing member is awarded at social events.

Special Food Drives: Special San Diego food drives are held on various social and annual events such as New Years Eve, Easter, musical concerts and sports parties.
Competition Food Drives: Such events are increasingly becoming popular at schools. A competition is held between the two classes and the children are asked to collect food from home and neighbors. The one who collects maximum number food items is awarded.

Participating in San Diego Food Drives or organizing one by yourself is very simple. It just needs a couple of volunteers and can be done on weekends. It doesnt need more than a weeks planning. One can even take help from The San Diego Food Bank. They help you organize the event and assist you with required information.

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Chinese Vitamin and Herb Safety Questioned


For centuries, people from all over the world have looked to traditional Chinese medicine for health and healing.


It is very unsettling to hear that the country we have looked to for natural healing may be exporting products that are unsafe for human consumption.


Indeed, Chinese traditional healing herbs and teas are skyrocketing in popularity in the US – and thus, Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about their safety.


As the horror stories about Chinese imports get scarier and scarier, American political leaders are stepping up their rhetoric regarding the safety of the food and other products that are imported from China.


Sen. Charles “Chuck” Schumer, (D) N.Y., believes American consumers are in greater danger than initially realized from food and other products coming in from China. He contends that “an import czar” is needed to make sure that hazardous shipments don’t slip through a maze of agencies and inadequate safety checks.


“There is no question that too many Chinese manufacturers and food producers put the bottom line ahead of safety,” said Schumer. “Agencies regulating the safety of imported goods need to do more to address this worsening crisis. The fact that every week we have to frantically pull Chinese goods off store shelves shows that our safeguards are failing.”


A major concern of the lawmakers is that he discovery of the toxic chemical melamine in pet food and powdered milk produced and imported from China could be the proverbial  “tip of an iceberg” of other tainted products – as of yet undiscovered.


And there is some evidence that fuels this further concern. For instance, the FDA’s Import Refusal Reports in recent years have consistently shown China as a top violator of these regulations.


These FDA reports give a description of each item and a tag name designating why it was rejected. Descriptive tag names such as “salmonella,” “unsafe coli”, and “filthy” are reccuring themes in these reports. 


In the past, over a given time period, the FDA has rejected more than twice as many food shipments from China than from all other countries combined.


It’s a dismal record to say the least.


However, consider these vitamin market realities:


Many of the world’s vitamins are now manufactured in China.


In less than a decade, China has captured 90 percent of the US market for vitamin C, driving almost everyone else out of business. 


Chinese pharmaceutical companies have also taken over much of the world market in the production of antibiotics, analgesics, enzymes, and primary amino acids.


According to one industry group, China makes 70 percent of the world’s penicillin, 50 percent of its aspirin and 35 percent of its acetaminophen, as well as the bulk of Vitamins A, B-12 and E.


U.S. officials are demanding, and righty so, that the Chinese to do more to safeguard the food and drugs they export to America.


Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt has warned in the past that any nation that loses U.S. trust in its exports will suffer economically.  “Assuring the safety of food in large nations is a demanding proposition, whether it’s China or the United States,” said Leavitt. “And neither of our countries has perfected this process.” 


Many experts reason that these problems are a consequence of food globalization.


For instance, have you noticed that on some ground beef chubs lately, you may see 8 to 10 countries credited as the source?


And with much of our produce being brought in from other countries, questions about its safety are also surfacing from health minded consumers.


In theory, food globalization is not a problem, as long as regulators do their job of protecting the public health.


Chinese leaders are understandably concerned about this export image crisis. They have stated time and again that their products are as safe as those from any other country.


They also profess to have reined in food and drug makers in their country – saying they have shut down more than 152,000 substandard food processing plants over the past 4 years.


The Chinese government have also performed executions on those found to be responsible for the melamine contamination scare and are set to prosecute more corrupt officials they contend are involved.


This problem left unchecked, could eventually force US companies who sell or manufacture nutritional supplements for people and pets to emphasize their ingredients do not come from China.


Indeed, some are threatening the use of “China-free” stickers on health related products.


Others say they will use the term “China-free” in advertisements and promotions.


That’s probably a little over the top, considering the fact that China is an established major player in the health food industry. And they do appear to be doubling their efforts against a relatively few crooked “profiteers” who try to “game for profit” their Chinese version of a private enterprise system.


US vitamin and supplement manufacturers are doing their best to reassure consumers their products are safe and wholesome.


As an example, US natural vitamin supplement company Institute for Vibrant Living has issued this statement in regards to ingredient safety and quality:

 At Institute for Vibrant Living we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our products. Our manufacturers are required by the FDA to have all raw materials tested. The manufacturers also test each final product to make sure it meets label claims prior to distribution. In addition, IVL has procedures in place for independent labs to randomly test our products and manufacturers throughout the year. We feel that this three-fold approach should reassure our customers that no matter where our ingredients come from, we are doing our best to keep our products pure and safe.



David Flores is a natural health researcher for Institute for Vibrant Living, a top retailer specializing in all-natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals for many health and nutrition challenges.  To learn more about the products offered by the Institute for Vibrant Living visit


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Chinese Inspired Diet Plan

If you are looking to quickly shed some pounds and to detoxify your body, here is a menu inspired by Chinese Cuisine that not only taste great but will also help lose weight. The key to this diet is to eat everything that is on the menu without leaving anything out or skipping any meals. Eat as much as the things that are mentioned, but do not substitute because the food in this unique diet work in conjunction with your body to help speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

Here it is:

Breakfast: Oatmeal cooked in skin milk followed by a cup of plain green tea with lemon. You can substitute rusks (twice baked bread) for the oatmeal.

Mid-Morning Snack: A smoothie made with low fat yogurt and one serving of any fruit (except bananas and mangoes). If you do not have time to make a smoothie: eat an orange or grapefruit. A cup of green tea with fresh squeezed lemon will also suffice.

Lunch: Chicken Manchurian and Brown Rice with Fresh Vegetables and baked potato. Make the chicken using lemon, red sauce and vinegar. Use the sauce and light vinegar as lite gravy for the rice. Eat as much as you want until full. Sorry, no diary topping allowed on the potato. Have a cup of green tea with lemon afterwards.

Afternoon snack: Glass of skim milk or green tea, or chamomile tea to help you relax. You may also eat an orange or grapefruit.

Dinner: Chicken Satay with broiled broccoli and other boiled veggies. Make chicken satay by cubing the chicken, skewering it and then grilling it without the use of oil or salt (use lemon to flavor it). Follow it up with one grapefruit and a cup of herbal tea.

Optional Nighttime Snack: If you are hungry try drinking a cup of skim milk or have some herbal tea.

One week on this menu will push out the toxins, speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. Be sure to use a lot of lemons with your food and tea. Lemons will not only add taste, but are also great at helping you shed the pounds faster. Also, have your tea hot to help enhance its purifying effects on the body.

Yulia Berry is an independent health researcher and author of the best selling e-books Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor and Pharmacy in Vegetables. She distributes a weekly newsletter regarding great home remedies and has written dozens of natural health articles published on hundreds of websites worldwide. Yulia Berry’s new ebook Unlocked Secrets of Curative Garlic to be released soon.

Chinese Fat Burning Solutions

Chinese weight reduction methods are typically discussed like they’re a historical secret that has passed down from Mother to Daughter for generations. The truth is that is more or less the way it does happen! Fortunately you can learn the same simple strategies and solutions that allow Asian women to get lean even right after they give birth…without going hungry or giving up the food you really like.

Chinese Fat Reduction Strategies

The essential thing to remember as you look to get rid of inches and get rid of pounds using techniques mastered in Asia is that everyone is different. Sometimes you’ll give in to temptation and cheat somewhat, and that is OK.

One of the best parts of this program is that it maintains your fat burning capacity at an incredibly high level to get rid of fat at all times. You’ll slim down even when you’re asleep, so that cheat meal or cheat day isn’t going to throw you off the tracks from reaching your target weight.

All of us are human and temptation causes us to be who we are. Don’t fear it, grab hold of it!

A Simple Rule to Weight Loss

One of the most productive ways to make use of Chinese fat loss methods to get the shape you’ve always wanted is found in your bathroom.

If you guessed the bathtub, you’re correct, that’s exactly where this simple tip is located, and it’s an instant change that can deliver great results quickly.

You want to start doing Epsom salt baths, and you want to do it as often as you can every week. Epsom salt is a mixture of magnesium and sulfates, but most importantly it acts as an agent that takes fat-storing harmful particles and other damaging elements out of your body via the skin.

Just a 20-minute bath a few times weekly is sufficient to start the process, but if you have time by all means raise the number to more sessions. You’ll rapidly find that your anxiety and tension melts away each day, along with inches from your tummy and legs.

And Epsom salt bath on its own isn’t going to help you get the shape you’ve always desired, but it’s definitely part of a larger plan that you CAN use to finally fit into your favorite skinny jeans…

The Secret Technique To True Weight Reduction

This one sounds odd but it’s fun, click the link to learn about how to get nice legs. For more information on low carbohydrate foods click the hyperlink.

Vinyl Replacement Windows In Milwaukee

Having replacement windows done is an extremely everyday sort of remodeling project. However, not every window materials are best for various environments. Since Milwaukee features a very varied climate, Milwaukee replacement windows require being developed a certain way. They should be made using materials that can withstand the weather conditions. Located in the southeast of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s climate is usually varying dependent upon the season. This means that it can certainly have hot humid summers but still go through cold winters. Located on Lake Michigan also makes Milwaukee prone to severe climate for example snow storms and heavy wind storms. This is actually the major reason why selecting the right replacement window material is becoming a priority to Milwaukee locals. If you’re planning a replacement window project, a very important thing you can do is to think about three major questions.
1. The reason for getting your windows replaced?
2. Are you thinking of adding another window or making changes for an aged one?
3. Exactly what is your financial budget?
These questions should ensure that you have a good idea concerning just how much work needs to be done for your remodeling project. It will also help you to choose what window material to choose.
The two most common types of replacement windows material are wood and vinyl. Both of which, have their benefits and drawbacks. Wood, for example, serves as a natural insulator as it does not conduct heat or electricity. It’s also very customizable, allowing the windows to actually complement an area once installed. However, since wood is surely organic material, it may possibly be more pricey at the same time need regular maintenance. Without proper protection, wooden windows might possibly be troubled by mold, mildew and termites. They are also at risk of the weather that may make them rot, split as well as even warp.
In comparison, vinyl windows also serve as great insulators given that they contain insulating gas including argon or krypton. However, since they are man-made, they are less pricey. When it comes to modifications, vinyl windows used to appear in only a couple of style choices. However, over the years, they have developed to be more adaptable. Now you can even reproduce wood replacements from vinyl. Lastly, vinyl windows are sturdier, because you can decide to have them both heat and impact-resistant. That is why vinyl windows have become a bit more common choice in Milwaukee window replacements.
Besides materials, picking the right replacement windows entails learning more details on the business that creates them. This is often an element that people often overlook for the sake of a good deal, however, it is however, it’s equally as important. When you have chosen the window material that you would like to use, hire a brand that has been in the industry for a few years. Being in the industry for over a couple of years shows that the producer has experienced some time to improve their workmanship. Additionally, it means that there is a constant sale of their merchandise. Furthermore this is something which only consistently good products can acquire.
Elite Roofing & Home Improvements, LLC provides detailed information about shingles, cedar shingles, fiberglass shingles and more. Elite Roofing & Home Improvements, LLC is affiliated with the National Roofing Contractors Association

Elite Roofing & Home Improvements, LLC

Flipping Foreclosure Homes in Milwaukee

The key to flipping foreclosure homes in Milwaukee is to be cautious and diligent. An intelligent decision only comes from proper research and a working knowledge of how to go about purchasing foreclosures in the city. Timing is also a great factor as is location. If it is your first venture into the foreclosures market, make sure you come prepared for all the intricacies of the process to come out successful.

Foreclosure homes in Milwaukee come in all forms and dimensions that can be ideal for every type of buyer. If you do not intend to pay cash, you need to get pre-qualified for a home loan. Lending companies and especially banks can provide a loan pre-approval document that you can present to sellers when you express you interest in buying a foreclosure. This is the first step to get into the market.

After securing your financing you can start your search. The most popular manner of finding distressed homes is through an online service offering listings of foreclosures. Most of these sites are quite powerful and have the ability to turn virtual neophytes into foreclosures-savvy investors. When checking out this sites pick the ones who offer a limited time trial for a minimal fee. That way you can forgo the month-long subscription if things do not turn out well for you before moving on to another listings service. Though there are sites that offer listings for free, most of these do not get updated as well as the pay sites.

Foreclosure homes in Milwaukee can create great wealth if you plan to buy in bulk because banks will be better inclined to throw all their inventory at you for an amazing discount. Banks will only be too willing to unload these homes to a cluster buyer because it saves them the headache of maintaining the homes, which represents a loss to them in the first place.

Joseph B. Smith has been educating buyers on the finer points of foreclosure homes in Milwaukee for over five years. Visit and read more advice on finding information about foreclosure homes in Wisconsin.