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San Diego Food Drives

In recent years, San Diego Food Drives have attracted thousands of people. The success of the events is self evident that more and more people will participate in coming years. A food drive is an event that collects canned and boxed food items which are sent out to charitable organizations and poor people so that they eat and live healthy. Hundreds of such events are held almost every month at different geographic locations across the United States. Each such event is organized under a committee that sets a goal for its participants and encourages them to bring as much food items they can. Nowadays, a growing number of San Diego Food Drives are urging people to collect food for sick and abandoned animals.

There are various types of food a San Diego Food Drive intends to collect. Some popular items are: dry fruits, dry cereals, eggs, canned fish and chicken, pancakes and muffins, canned fruits and vegetables, butter, jelly, cheese, bread, cake, canned soups, cookies, oatmeal, spaghetti, vitamin and mineral supplements etc. These food items are essential for a healthy life and contain almost every nutritional supplement.

San Diego Food Drives are of many types:

Workplace Food Drives: as the name suggests, it is held at a workplace and encourages office members to bring canned and boxed items. Usually, it is organized by the human resource or the cultural department of an organization. Once the food collected, it is sent out to the San Diego Food Bank or any similar organization that collects food items for the poor.

Neighborhood Food Drives: It is the most popular of this type of program in the city. In such events, a group of people especially children distribute fliers in their locality. The fliers contain detailed information and request people to bring in their excess non perishable food items. To encourage peoples participation, the most contributing member is awarded at social events.

Special Food Drives: Special San Diego food drives are held on various social and annual events such as New Years Eve, Easter, musical concerts and sports parties.
Competition Food Drives: Such events are increasingly becoming popular at schools. A competition is held between the two classes and the children are asked to collect food from home and neighbors. The one who collects maximum number food items is awarded.

Participating in San Diego Food Drives or organizing one by yourself is very simple. It just needs a couple of volunteers and can be done on weekends. It doesnt need more than a weeks planning. One can even take help from The San Diego Food Bank. They help you organize the event and assist you with required information.

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