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Foods With Wishes Serves During The Chinese New Year

People believe that the new year should start with fresh and luck, which can last all year round. For example, people should appear clean because the appearance and attitude during New Years sets the tone for the rest of the year.

The lucky red in New Year
The color red is corresponding with fire, symbolizes good luck, fortune and joy in Chinese culture. In Chinese New Year, people wear red clothes, pastes spring couplets which with poem on red paper, and give children lucky money in red envelops. Another color that appears during the Chinese New Year is gold, which is a symbol of power. So if you visit an Asia supermarket during the Chinese New Year, dont be surprised with the abundance of red and gold decorations.

Oranges, pemelos and tangerines
From the second day of the New Year, people will visit friends and relatives with a bag of oranges and tangerines. They are symbols for abundant happiness. The word for tangerine have the same sounds as luck in Chinese, and the word for orange having the same sound as wealth. Pomelos are large pear-shaped grapefruits.
Tangerines with leaves intact assure that ones relationship with the other remains secure.

Candy tray
People shop for candies for starting the new year sweetly. Those candies are arranged in either a circle or octagon which called the tray of togetherness. After taking several pieces of candy from the tray, adults places a red envelope on the center compartment of the tray. Each item represents some kind of good fortune. For example, the candied melon symbolizes growth and good health; red melon seed are dyed red to symbolize joy, happiness, truth and sincerity; coconut means togetherness and peanuts present the wish of long life.

Foods on the celebration tables
On the Chinese New Year, vast amount of traditional foods are prepared for family and friends. Different from the feasts on festivals in US, each of the dishes served on the table has deep meanings and wishes for the coming year.

Buddhist New Years day have the vegetarian dish named JAI. It is a Buddhist tradition that no animal or fish should be killed on the first day of the lunar year. Vegetables are considered to be purifying, and many of the ingredients in this dish have their own special significance. For example, the bamboo shoot is a term which sounds like wishing that everything would be better and better. There must be a whole fish to represent togetherness and abundance and a chicken for prosperity.

In south China, there is a typical cake but is made in different way from cakes that we eat. It is called NIAN GAO, which is made from sweet steamed glutinous rice pudding. And ZONG ZI, which is glutinous rice wrapped up in reed leaves, is another popular delicacy. But in the north, steamed-wheat bread and small meat JIAOZI (dumplings) were the preferred food. But actually there is something different in south and north parts of China, but no matter what the differences are, the tremendous amount of food prepared at this time is meant to symbolized abundance and wealth for the household.

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Healthy Options in Chinese Food

Chomping down on Chinese food while watching the 2008 Summer Olympics at Beijing could seem like the ideal way to pay homage to the host country. Some Hakka Chow, Chilli Chicken, Schezwan Fried Rice and Veg Manchurian … fantastic deliciousness. But if you get on that diet, your body will look more like Mahesh Bhatt than Mahesh Bhupathi.

Nutrition analysis of Chinese dishes show that they are extremely high in calorific value, sodium content, high fat content and high in simple carbohydrates (which behave like sugar in your body). Many Chinese dishes are high on soy, which increases sodium content drastically in the food. Excess sodium leads to increase in blood pressure and retention of water, which increases your weight and makes you look bloated and fat.

So, whats a solution? Clearly, not eating Chinese food is a bad solution 🙂 But you can make healthy choices while ordering Chinese food.

Lets start with everyone’s favourite .. those little steamed eatables called Dim Sum- You think its healthy because its steamed. But Dim Sum is primarily made of maida (refined flour), which causes your blood sugar to spike (watch out diabetics) and promotes fat storage. For starters, go for stuff that’s stir fried, chicken satay, flavored veggies, or a clear soup with veggies and/or meat in it. Or you can skip the starters and go for the main course.

The main course is like a mine field of bad health bombs. Stir Fried dishes are good, since they are relatively low on sodium, are cooked fast and in lesser oil (since its not deep fried). Stay away from that Manchurian. First its wrapped in maida (refined flour), then its deep fried. Then its soaked in a high sodium sauce. Is there a better way to spell HEALTH D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. Basically, stay away from anything that’s served as dough wrapped balls in sauce. All sauces, from Black Bean to Sweet and Sour are drowning in sodium. And some of them have loads of sugar added, like Sweet and Sour or Garlic.

For your starch options, there’s another mine field. The noodles are all made from refined flour and then they are soaked in oil and flavouring (including soy)- you know what that does, so stay away from it. The fried rice is a slightly better option, since its rice based, but again, lots of oil and soy, since rice soaks both of them fast! The best option is steamed rice. Besides, the relatively lower calories, it reduces your sodium intake. Also, it gives you a chance to really taste the flavour of the dishes. Try jasmine rice, it smells fantastic.

In dessert, I’m yet to find a true Chinese dessert. All the standard Indian versions of Chinese dessert are pretty unhealthy- darsaan (fried dough with sugar), sugar coated walnuts, fried ice-cream. Do I even need to get into why these aren’t good choices. Chinese joints aren’t known for their chocolate based delicacies. Stay off it, even its on the menu 🙂

Our advice, go for the fresh fruits for a light and a sweet finish. Don’t forget to get some of that green tea or jasmine tea. You know, green tea is good for you.

It takes some questioning the wait staff, to solve the health mystery of a new dish. But don’t be shy – eat this way while watching the Olympics and you’ll be 1 step closer to looking like Michael Phelps. Have you seen the 60 pack he’s got?

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Locksmith San Francisco

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Traditional Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are a traditional form of medication that has been used for centuries. Known as TCM for short, this method is now being practiced across the world. It is known as an alternative form of medicine in the United States, but many people are leaning to its more natural state than taking man-made drugs.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is that all parts of the body work together in unison for optimal health. For that reason, all organs and their functions must be working correctly in to achieve a proper, healthy balance. This is can be done through the harmony of the yin and the yang, two energies that are complementary and through to have an effect on the quality of life.

Another idea of Chinese medicine is that the chi or energy that flows through the body does so through various channels, called meridians. The Chinese believe that if these paths become obstructed, physical, mental, or emotional complications begin to become apparent. In order to stabilize the flow, herbs and other forms of treatment are necessary.

Treating conditions with traditional Chinese herbs are done in such a way that is unique to each individual with a specific problem. There are many herbs used in these solutions. The most common include ginseng, ginkgo biloba, cinnamon, and astragalus. A special concoction of several herbs is mixed together to treat the problem the sufferer is having. These formulas are then administered in various forms, such as capsules and teas.

These Chinese herbs have not yet been subjected to a number of scientific studies to prove their effectiveness. However, they have been used in Western society for thousands of years to battle a number of medical ailments. They have been known to help get rid of or better the following conditions.

Acne Many herbs have anti-inflammatory properties that can clear up your skin.

Fertility Dong Quai and Ginseng are just two of the herbs that Chinese have used for years to help promote the chances of conceiving a child.

Stress The Chinese have formulated herbal medicines to help relieve stress by working with the hormones in the brain.

Weight loss Some herbs can work with the metabolism to boost the rate of calorie burning. They can also promote a healthier digestive tract, meaning your body can get rid of the unwanted toxins that can help the body store fat.

If you decide to heal any ailment with traditional Chinese herbs, you should contact someone who is qualified in this form of alternative medication. Those that use this form of treatment do not recommend trying to self-treat any issues you may be experiencing. It is also suggested that you speak with your primary physician prior to seeking this method with Chinese Herbs or treatment for any condition.

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History Of Chinese Dresscheongsam

Cheongsam also named Qipao, is one of the traditional clothes in China. It originates from the middle of 16 century as an ancient clothing of Manchu ethnic minority. As for whom design this kind of dress, no one has an answer. But there has a fairy tale that long long ago near the Jingbo Lake, there lived Manchu fishing girl. She felt the old loose dress is not convenient for working, so she clipped it. Afterwards, she was picked as a princess in palace where she missed the past and wore the dress she designed again. But the king thought this behaviour guilty and drove her out of the palace. The girl died because of the kicking from the king. Manchu people heard the news of that, in order to remember this princess, people there began to wear that dress. Later, women thought it was beautiful and named it Qipao.

In the early time of Qing Dynasty, cheongsam was designed as collarless, narrow cuff, four slits and a fitting waist. Firstly, the dress did not cover the feet, only the women got married, they would wear the one covered their feet as a formal dress. When the Manchu rulers came to the central plains, they began to unify the nationwide costume as well. Men at that time usually wore long gown, meanwhile women wore cheongsam. Gradually, cheongsam has become the traditional dress for Chinese women.

The heyday of the cheongsam is the 1930s. Shanghai, at that time, as the culture center of the east and the west, not only some highest-tone women, but also folk women,workers and students worn it. Cheongsam became the formal suit for occasions of social intercourses or diplomatic activities. Later after the 1940s, influenced by foreign countries, the pruning became narrow-sleeved and fitted to the waist which shown the beauty of the female shape. And it was popular among some European countries.

Women in China like to wear cheongsam because it fits the female Chinese figure well, and with the simple lines, it looks very elegant. To Han people, this dress is not only the simple costume, but also the symbol of Chinese traditional culture.

Celia ye is a Chiese freelance writer for e-commerce website a She likes Chinese culture so much, not only the costume, but also many other things. She wants to introduce it to people all around.