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Chinese Reflexology Therapy

Chinese Reflexology has become a world wide favourite for advocates of alternative therapies and is known must commonly as just Reflexology, although can also be referred to more generically as touch therapy or just foot massage.
In ancient China when the therapy was formed, the Chinese found that by applying pressure or massage stimulation at certain points, the patient would gain benefit in corresponding organs that were thought to be linked to the point where pressure was applied.
This was in line with the Chinese system of meridians, or energy channels. In western medicine it is explained as either a connection via a neural network or multitude of interconnecting nerves, or it is simply not explained at all and rather is put down as an invalid science. 

Although even among western non alternative therapists there is much debate and varying personal opinions as to the validity of the ancient Chinese Reflexology system. Recently I spoke with a podiatrist who personally believed in the value of Chinese Reflexology, although admitted that he was taught in University that it was “shear quackery”.
None the less, Reflexology is finding itself in increasingly high demand the world over due to its non invasive nature, drug free and holistic approach, together with the ever growing popularity and acceptance of alternative approaches to healing among the worlds populations.
Foot Reflexology is by far the most well known and popular reflexology therapy in operation. This is largely because many practitioners specialise in it, as well as the fact that most people find it a particularly pleasant experience and will often go for a session of foot reflexology simply as an alternative to a massage, for the pleasure of it rather than purely its therapeutic benefit.
But Chinese Reflexology can in fact be applied to many parts of the body. Commonly it is applied on the feet, hands and ears but has also been used on most other parts of the body as well.
The pressure can be applied using static pressure or with a massaging motion. This is done without creams or oils or instruments, although as with many practices, Chinese Reflexology has been blended with so many other techniques by multi discipline therapists that it is not uncommon to find Reflexology therapists who will use instruments to apply the pressure and lotions to enhance the treatment. Other Reflexology systems such as Thai Reflexology also use implements like wooden instruments to apply pressure.
A popular trend today is to learn Chinese Reflexology techniques and to regularly self administer them, or practice them on your partner or children. If you are more a perfectionist or a purist, you can consult a professional to teach you, or you can learn from many excellent books or even YouTube.
Chinese Reflexology is said to unblock energy channels, stimulate the immune system and assist in elimination of toxins bringing the body back into balance and restored energy.

Arthur Bakeright is a qualified but non practicing massage therapist and avid traveller. He now writes extensively on both massage and travel.

Finding Healthy Chinese

With a Chinese Restaurant in Brentwood you may believe they aren’t that healthy, but there are many options that you will have that are much healthier than others. You don’t have to go to China to find the best tasting and healthy food that you want because if you know what to look for you can order it in your own town. There are a few guidelines you will follow to find the good food that you were searching for without all the guilt.

Westernized Chinese food often deep fries food to make it more appealing to the customers, but traditional does not. If you were to go to China you would most likely only find fried food in American restaurants. The traditional diet of a Chinese person is rice, fish, and vegetables, and they typically weigh less than most Americans because of it. When you go to a Chinese Restaurant in Brentwood you will want to avoid all the fried foods because of the fat in the oil as well as the carbohydrates. You can ask for dumplings instead of the fried wontons and eggrolls or you can just ask them to bake them instead.

You will also want to choose vegetables that aren’t fried or mixed with oil as steamed are a much healthier choice. You may notice that steamed vegetables are lower in sodium, fat, and calories and are a much better option for health. If you are going to enjoy rice you should order brown instead of white as it is a better choice as well. You should also eat more rice then your entrée as you can save many calories by filling up with it. The more meat you find in your meal the more calories you are going to end up eating so you should also ask for more vegetables than meat in your entrée.

When you are with a group of people it can be much easier to eat healthy without going overboard. You can all order family style where the food is bigger portions, but more people are there to eat it with you. You can then pick and choose what you want from which entrée that you see. You should notice that a Chinese Restaurant in Brentwood can be a very healthy choice if you know what to look out for and what to avoid.

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Healthy and Easy Chinese Food at Home

500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes is exactly what it proclaims to be – a guide to make great Chinese food that isn’t dripping in fat. Chef Nicholas Zhou is the author of the book, and has over 40 years of cooking experience and is now sharing his secrets with you.

What you get when you order 500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes is a very large amount of knowledge from Zhou. In it, you will learn how to cook popular dishes from four different areas in China: Cantonese, Beijing, Szechuwan, and Hunan. Each of these styles and regions have their own distinct taste and cooking techniques that Zhou will walk you through.

However, what Zhou promotes hardest is that his recipes cut down on the fat content from a Chinese restraint that you and I eat at. Most people think that eating out Chinese is healthy, but in reality, when you order Chinese, most often the food is deep fried and loaded with fat and calories. Zhou promotes cooking techniques such as braising, boiling, simmering, “flavor potting”, and smoking, along with others. In using these techniques, along with some traditional deep frying recipes, Zhou helps you cut back on your fat intake and makes a truly healthy eating experience.

What do you get when you order the cook book? First, you get over 500 recipes from Zhou himself. You also get a book written by Zhou for novice cookers, geared towards teaching you the multiple different Chinese cooking techniques as a free bonus. Also, as a free bonus, you get a 150 page glossary on Chinese cooking, giving you definitions of different terms, ingredients, and dishes that you will be making. Here is the best part, in my opinion. Zhou is going to continue to make upgrades to his books, and anytime he updates them with new recipes, he will send an email to people that bought the book with his new recipes.

All of this together costs a low price of $ 19.97…an amazing amount of knowledge and cooking expertise for that price. This is an excellent way for even the most novice of cookers to start making Chinese dishes at home, today.

Visit my blog for helpful hints on easy cooking and recipes, and visit my new website for online cookbooks that can help you learn how to cook just about anything in your spare time.

Healthy Substitute Recipes

Cook in liquids instead of oil.

Mmm we all like to have veggies cooked in butter, particularly during the colder months but is it good for us…well the answer of course is no! But here are some tips that will help you when preparing that next meal.

If you absolutely believe that you have to cook in oil (but please try not to, I know it’s hard but remember “every little bit counts”), try cooking with sprays or use a pastry brush to lightly brush your food, pan or baking dish. By doing this you won’t go overboard with the amount used and use too many calories.


Cook in liquids (such as stock, wine, lemon juice, fruit juice, vinegar or water) instead of oil.
If your recipe says to use cream for thickening, opt for low fat yoghurt, low fat soymilk, evaporated skim milk or cornstarch instead.
And if you are braising or sautéing try a water based mixture of tomatoes and some herbs and spices….mmm now that’s yummy!
And when microwaving veggies use a microwave oven dish with a lid, and only use a small amount of water in the bottom of the dish. The steam from the veggies will be enough to cook them – and not for too long either!!
Even use water as a base for your favourite soup recipe.

Bottom line is you will be better off and saving heaps in the calorie bank!


Substitute full-fat ingredients with low-fat whenever possible.

As part of an overall healthy eating plan it is a very wise choice to opt for one that eliminates the ‘hidden fats’. The main culprits for this are foods that are highly processed. Good fats are those that have not been refined or processed in anyway and are found in foods such as fish which has Omega 3 essential fatty acids, olives, avocado, nuts, seeds and soy.

Try to choose low fat versions i.e. full cream milk for light or skim milk varieties. Weight Watchers have lots to choose from and are half the calories of the full fat versions.

Always opt for lean meat marked with the Heart Foundation tick of approval and if it does have any fat then simply cut it off and always remove the skin off the chicken.

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Top Tips For Preparing Chinese Food

A large number of people like to prepare Oriental food at home. Easy to prepare though, not all can get the same taste as they would in a restaurant. It is really important to follow a few principles while preparing Chinese food.

Wash all your vegetables and meet in advance. Make sure you have all the ingredients around you before you start cooking. All the vegetables must be washed and should be drained enough or else it will affect the taste of your recipe. Try to put all the vegetables in a tray in a manner that they do not mix up. It helps you putting the right vegetable at the right time. Cooking time for different vegetable will vary, so make sure you fry each vegetable properly. Do not forget to drain tofu. It can quickly absorb the taste of other ingredients in the dish.

Usually marinated meat is used in Chinese recipes and if you are cooking beef, it should be cut across the grain. To cut meat properly, cut it uniformly. Any specific sized pieces are not required. All you need to do is to cut the meat in a shape that you can bite each piece in one go.

If you are preparing stir fried dish, do not forget to put some oil in the corners of the pan. Use as good quality soya sauces as you can. It will add good taste to your dish. In most dishes where you need to cook meat with vegetables, always cook meat first and leave it aside. Usually meat is added to a recipe in the end. Do not use ginger powder; use fresh ginger instead. Finally, serve your food in a good way.

You can visit a local Chinese food restaurant to compare the dish you have made. Good thing is that there are plenty of Chinese restaurants around us.

Use the unique Chinese Food Locator to find some of the best Chinese Restaurants in your city.

Chinese Wood

Shortage of raw material resources to promote the structural adjustment

Shortage of timber resources restricted the pace of development of wood-based panel industry, due to the short term can not be achieved within a sufficient supply of raw materials, plywood companies compete for resources with each other, causing the overall upstream capital goods prices rise, leading to increased production costs and affect the economic interests of enterprises, thus causing the industry decline in overall efficiency, China’s wood-based panel industry entered the era of effective resource decisions.

In this regard, some experts at the meeting pointed out that the wood-based panels for the substitution effect of natural wood is 1:4, to make use of technical means to be able to build three branches residues, waste wood used in wood-based panel. The use of the characteristics of a continuous press and take technological measures of technology, material utilization can increase 10-15% or even higher, for the efficient use of resources is essential. Therefore, the high-tech, high-investment and large-scale enterprises are scattered in the advanced and backward integration of SMEs in the industry will be an inevitable trend.

Wood-based panel industry investment to accelerate the pace of adjustment

In the fast-growing market, the wood-based panel industry, domestic and foreign investment institutions have been in favor of capital, Guangdong Wei-hua, Kyrgyzstan elephant, Feng Lin, plywood and other large Asian companies through the introduction of capital, listing different ways to obtain funds for implementing the national distribution strategy.

Li Yu Tai Asia Group, said, when the listed companies and financial capital, industrial capital into the wood-based panel industry has begun to increase participation in industry consolidation, indicating the wealth of society began to focus on the industry. Therefore, the risk of the industry a greater impact on the degree of social distribution of wealth. This can be expected to speed up the industry structure adjustment will be possible.

How to wood-based panel adjustment of industrial structure?

“Corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset reorganization will be in 2008 and the” Eleventh Five-Year “period, China wood processing industry, a major feature.” QIAN Xiao-yu pointed out that the wood-based panel industry, In addition to product and scale structure need to be adjusted, the enterprises for the investment model and position have a clear understanding.

First, the acquisition of the wood-based panels restructuring existing poorly managed enterprises, the use of brand and financial strength, in similar products between enterprises, between the upstream and downstream supply chain, between the manufacturer and distributor of vertical or horizontal integration.

Second, the transport of raw materials within the allowable range radius to maximize the scientific allocation of resources, and ultimately the rationalization of production scale, enterprise management standardization, product quality and branding, to maximize economic benefits.

Third, the establishment of a world-class competitiveness of wood-based panel enterprise groups and taking a high technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution, safety protection, human resource advantages into full play the path of development.

At the same time, QIAN Xiao-yu stressed that companies need to strive to promote the economic growth of the three changes to promote China’s wood-based panel industry, a comprehensive, healthy and sustainable development. First, we should mainly from the use of wood raw materials to the use of wood raw materials and wood waste, non-wood raw materials simultaneously change; Second, we must expand the scale of production from just a single development model to expand the scale of the compound simultaneously with the energy saving mode of development change, third, From the extensive operation to intensive management changes.

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