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Calgary Chinese Restaurants

The Silver Dragon is the best of the Calgary Chinese Restaurants.

When you have the craving for authentic Chinese food or if you want to stay with the tried and true western Chinese classics, you really have to try out the menu at Silver Dragon. This wonderful dining establishment, this year’s winner of the Consumers Choice Award for best of the Calgary Chinese restaurants, is somewhat of a legend in the city but it is a restaurant that lives up to its reputation.

The Silver Dragon has been in Calgary for over 40 years and the chef/owner takes great pride in ensuring that every dish out of the kitchen is top quality. While the restaurant has an amazing number of menu items, over 150, you really won’t be disappointed no matter what you select. Known for their Ginger Beef as well as the outstanding Dim Sum menu options, there is something for everyone on the menu. While beef, pork, chicken and duck dishes are available there are also vegetarian platters and noodles. Unlike some of the more western style Calgary Chinese restaurants the menu at the Silver Dragon offers a good variety of steamed dishes as well as deep fried options. During Dim Sum the carts move through the tables on a regular basis, allowing patrons to sample traditional dishes as well as some very exotic specialties for those that are more adventurous. The staff is friendly and prompt with getting food to the tables and they are always happy to explain the dishes and make recommendations. The layout of the restaurant is open and inviting, perfect for small intimate dinners or larger corporate or family gatherings. Winning the Consumers Choice Award for best of the Calgary Chinese Restaurants is a great way for the community to recognize this long standing favorite eatery.

To win a Consumers Choice Award in any category the business must first be placed on the survey and then voted on by the majority of consumers in the area. The survey and voting is monitored by a third party research company with the winning company or business receiving notification of the award once the vote counting is complete. Operating since 1986 in both the United States and Canada the Consumers Choice Awards are unique in many aspects and are a great way for consumers to reward a business, like Silver Dragon, for outstanding service. Since the category of Calgary Chinese restaurants is highly competitive, this is an outstanding achievement for the entire staff.

A big thanks goes out to the Consumers Choice Award for highlighting the Silver Dragon as this year’s winner in the category of best Calgary Chinese restaurants. With a full menu including traditional and western Chinese dishes, Dim Sum, and specialty dishes prepared to order you won’t be disappointed with your visit to the Silver Dragon. Their phone number is 403-264-5326 and the restaurant is located at 205 Riverfront Ave. SW, Unit 803, Calgary, Alberta.

For additional information on the restaurant contact them by phone at 403-264-5326 or visit http://www.ccaward.com.