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Chinese starter recipes can be a great option whether you are catering for a dinner party or a buffet. You can serve a Chinese starter recipe before any main course cuisine and you might even want to serve a Chinese starter before a traditional western main meal.

Examples of tasty Chinese starters recipes include spring rolls, prawn crackers with a homemade dipping sauce, wonton soup, chicken and sweet corn soup, Chinese stuffed mushrooms, steamed dumplings and more. Stuffed mushrooms or zucchini work well and you can use spiced rice as the filling. Chinese chicken wings are great at a buffet and you can add Chinese ingredients like water chestnuts, oriental mushrooms or bamboo shoots to any salad recipe to give it a flavour of China.

Recipe for Chinese Crepes

These tasty crepes are filled with spring onions, black bean sauce, fresh coriander and more for an authentic Chinese flavour. This recipe makes one Chinese crepe, so double it as many times as necessary, making one crepe at a time.

You can find these crepes on Chinese street corners, cooked fresh to order, and they also make a great starter before any kind of meal. They are hot, flavourful and spicy without being too spicy. If you prefer a mild flavour you can leave out the chili sauce.

You will need:

How to make them:

Whisk the soy milk with the vegetable oil and millet flour to make a batter. Add a teaspoon of water if it is too thick. Stir a teaspoon of water into the black bean sauce. Mix another teaspoon of water into the chili sauce. Double the crepe over so the crackers are on top of each other. Serve hot.

So many people associate venison with chili and stew, it never occurs to them that there are such things as venison oven recipes. I thought that too, and then I discovered that I could actually cook my venison inside the oven and not just on top of it.

All you have to do it get a 3 to 5 pound bag of coarse salt (table salt won’t work). Mix the salt with some water so you can mold it. The salt will form a hard crust around the meat. Chisel it away for the most tender roast you’ve ever had.

My favorite Venison Casserole harkens back to my childhood. You’ll need 1 box of egg noodles, 1 lb of ground venison, 1 can to cream of mushroom soup, frozen peas, and regular potato chips. Brown the meat and cook the noodles. Somehow when it came to your home filing system you just never got to the kitchen. Now is the time to take action and get all those recipes organized!

Paper Recipes: As I’m sure you have found printed recipes come in many shapes and sizes. In order to begin your recipe home filing system collect all your recipes together in one place. You will then begin by sorting them into categories. You can follow a similar layout to your paper recipes by creating categories with folders on your computer.

Storing your recipes in this way on your computer you have the benefit of making your recipes entirely portable. If you have your computer with you, you can access all of your recipes, no internet connection needed.

I love cooking

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Preparing A Chinese New Year Celebration

This year is the year of the Dragon, celebrating those born under this Chinese Zodiac sign. The Dragon represents nobility and luck, and is one of the most popular amongst Chinese celebrated years. So this year, we should all celebrate our own share of luck to start out the new year.

A traditional look

Red and black balloons with golden ribbons provide a great look for your ceiling, and are easy enough to do in a matter of minutes. Plenty of light carried by the classic red Chinese lanterns that hang from trees and posts will bring luck to your event. These lanterns can string across any area, and give a very festive vibe to the atmosphere. On the table, bowls with the floating Peonies (flowers that represent riches and honor) make a colorful addition and aren’t difficult to manage.

Taste the new year

Of course, it all comes down to what’s for dinner. Celebrating the Chinese New Year wouldn’t be quite right without that special flavor. The scent of Kung Pao Chicken, egg rolls, the flavors of sautéed onions, garlic and shrimp all filling the air. While mastering the skills to create such an array of cuisine would be valuable, we don’t always have the time to accomplish such tasks. Luckily, caterers like Gomez Catering can bring that unique flavor to your event so that you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

Because the food can flow with the theme, why not take a few lessons in the use of chopsticks to really experience the feel of the event? It can be a little tricky at first, but with a folded up piece of paper and a rubber band, you can turn any pair of chopsticks into a utensil that anyone can use. Just wedge the folded paper between the two sticks at the top end, and then wrap a rubber band around the area. Then it’s time to enjoy the feast!

This year, celebrate the Year of the Dagon with an event that brings the unique experience and food from a land where tradition coincides with elegance…and a little bit of luck.

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