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Golden State Warriors Tickets: Golden State Warriors Beat Milwaukee Bucks

The Golden State Warriors are an American professional basketball team based in Oakland, California. They are part of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team was first established in 1946, as the Philadelphia Warriors, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the franchise won the championship in the inaugural season of the Basketball Association of America (BAA), the league that would eventually become the National Basketball Association.

In 1962, the franchise was relocated to San Francisco, California and became known as the San Francisco Warriors until 1971, when its name was changed to the current Golden State Warriors. The team has played all of its home games in the Oracle Arena since 1966, with the exception of a one-year hiatus. Along with their inaugural championship win in the 1946/47 season, the Warriors have won two others in the team’s history, including another in Philadelphia after the 1955/56 season, and one as Golden State after the 1974/75 season, tying them for 5th in the NBA in number of championships.

The Warriors were founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1946 as the Philadelphia Warriors, a charter member of the Basketball Association of America. They were owned by Peter Tyrrell, who also owned the Philadelphia Rockets of the American Hockey League. Tyrell hired Eddie Gottlieb, a longtime basketball promoter in the Philadelphia area, as coach and general manager. He named the team after an early professional team in the city.

Led by early scoring sensation Joe Fulks, they won the championship in the league’s inaugural 1946/47 season by defeating the Chicago Stags, four games to one. (The BAA became the National Basketball Association in 1949) Gottlieb bought the team in 1951.

The Warriors won their other championship as a Philadelphia team in the 1955/56 season, defeating the Fort Wayne Pistons four games to one. The stars of this era in the team’s history were future Hall of Famers Paul Arizin, Michael Bryson and Neil Johnston. In 1959, the team signed draft pick Wilt Chamberlain. Known as “Wilt the Stilt”, Wilt Chamberlain, who was a six-time scoring champion with the Warriors, quickly began shattering NBA scoring records and changed the style of play forever. On March 2, 1962, in a Warrior “home” game played on a neutral court in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Chamberlain scored 100 points against the New York Knicks, a single-game record that the NBA ranks among its finest moments.

In 1962, Franklin Mieuli purchased the majority shares of the team and relocated the franchise to the San Francisco Bay Area, renaming them the San Francisco Warriors. The Warriors played most of their home games at the Cow Palace in Daly City (the facility lies just south of the San Francisco border) from 1962/64 and the San Francisco Civic Auditorium from 1964/66, though occasionally playing home games in nearby cities such as Oakland and San Jose. The Warriors won the 1963/64 Western Division crown, losing the NBA championship series to the Boston Celtics, four games to one.

In the 1964/65 season, the Warriors traded Wilt Chamberlain to the Philadelphia 76ers for Connie Dierking, Lee Shaffer, Paul Neumann and $ 150,000, as they only won 17 games that season. In 1965, the Warriors drafted Rick Barry in the first round. Barry was named NBA Rookie of the Year in his first season, then led the Warriors to the NBA finals in the 1966/67 season, where the team lost (four games to two) to the team that replaced the Warriors in Philadelphia, the 76ers.

Angered by management’s failure to pay him certain incentive awards he felt he was due, Barry sat out the 1967/68 season, joining the Oakland Oaks of the rival American Basketball Association the following year. After four seasons in the ABA, Barry rejoined the Warriors in 1972. With the opening of the Oakland Coliseum Arena in 1966, the Warriors began scheduling increasing numbers of home games at that venue. The 1970/71 season would be the team’s last as the San Francisco Warriors.

The Warriors changed their name to the Golden State Warriors for the 1971/72 season, playing almost all home games in Oakland. Six “home” games were played in San Diego during that season but more significantly, none were played in San Francisco or Daly City. After changing their name from the San Francisco Warriors, the Warriors became one of only two teams in the Big Four sports that do not include the name of their state or their city in their name (although “Golden State” is a well-known California nickname), the other being the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

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Chinese Wood

Shortage of raw material resources to promote the structural adjustment

Shortage of timber resources restricted the pace of development of wood-based panel industry, due to the short term can not be achieved within a sufficient supply of raw materials, plywood companies compete for resources with each other, causing the overall upstream capital goods prices rise, leading to increased production costs and affect the economic interests of enterprises, thus causing the industry decline in overall efficiency, China’s wood-based panel industry entered the era of effective resource decisions.

In this regard, some experts at the meeting pointed out that the wood-based panels for the substitution effect of natural wood is 1:4, to make use of technical means to be able to build three branches residues, waste wood used in wood-based panel. The use of the characteristics of a continuous press and take technological measures of technology, material utilization can increase 10-15% or even higher, for the efficient use of resources is essential. Therefore, the high-tech, high-investment and large-scale enterprises are scattered in the advanced and backward integration of SMEs in the industry will be an inevitable trend.

Wood-based panel industry investment to accelerate the pace of adjustment

In the fast-growing market, the wood-based panel industry, domestic and foreign investment institutions have been in favor of capital, Guangdong Wei-hua, Kyrgyzstan elephant, Feng Lin, plywood and other large Asian companies through the introduction of capital, listing different ways to obtain funds for implementing the national distribution strategy.

Li Yu Tai Asia Group, said, when the listed companies and financial capital, industrial capital into the wood-based panel industry has begun to increase participation in industry consolidation, indicating the wealth of society began to focus on the industry. Therefore, the risk of the industry a greater impact on the degree of social distribution of wealth. This can be expected to speed up the industry structure adjustment will be possible.

How to wood-based panel adjustment of industrial structure?

“Corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset reorganization will be in 2008 and the” Eleventh Five-Year “period, China wood processing industry, a major feature.” QIAN Xiao-yu pointed out that the wood-based panel industry, In addition to product and scale structure need to be adjusted, the enterprises for the investment model and position have a clear understanding.

First, the acquisition of the wood-based panels restructuring existing poorly managed enterprises, the use of brand and financial strength, in similar products between enterprises, between the upstream and downstream supply chain, between the manufacturer and distributor of vertical or horizontal integration.

Second, the transport of raw materials within the allowable range radius to maximize the scientific allocation of resources, and ultimately the rationalization of production scale, enterprise management standardization, product quality and branding, to maximize economic benefits.

Third, the establishment of a world-class competitiveness of wood-based panel enterprise groups and taking a high technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution, safety protection, human resource advantages into full play the path of development.

At the same time, QIAN Xiao-yu stressed that companies need to strive to promote the economic growth of the three changes to promote China’s wood-based panel industry, a comprehensive, healthy and sustainable development. First, we should mainly from the use of wood raw materials to the use of wood raw materials and wood waste, non-wood raw materials simultaneously change; Second, we must expand the scale of production from just a single development model to expand the scale of the compound simultaneously with the energy saving mode of development change, third, From the extensive operation to intensive management changes.

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