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Texas BBQ ? Most Popular Texas Cousin

The people of Texaslove to cook and you will definitely find a wide variety of food in this part of the country. In the recent past, the population of the state has increased significantly. This is mostly due to the fact that Houston, Texasis home to many of the fortune 500 companies and these companies are generating thousands of jobs of every year even in these hard economic times. Many people are moving to Houstonand Texasfor these jobs and they are adding more flavors to already multicultural state. This means that you will find more varieties of food here than anywhere else in the country. You will very easily find cousins from all over the world. Cultural influences from all over Europe, Mexico South America, and more importantly from Asiaare shaping the culinary traditions of the state. There are some cousins that remain in the minds of people like chili, steak, barbecue, fried chicken but the traditional dishes like Texas BBQ are the most popular and many people who move here like to taste it. These traditional cousins are the most vital part of culinary tradition of the state ofTexas.

Winter inTexascan be very harsh and people ofTexaslike to keep themselves warm in these frigid conditions. This is the reason that Chili is the most popular food of the state. It is also the state’s official food and it is an essential part ofTexaswinter foods. Chili is traditionally made with meat, which has been either cut into bite sized chunks or ground. Well made Chili also includes a lot of spices including chili powder. Tomatoes are essential with this dish but beans are not necessarily to be included with traditional chili. Chili is usually served in bowl with onions and cheese on the top and crackers on the side.

The most loved food in the state and especially in the city of Houstonis still the barbeque. BBQ Houston is usually prepared on wood on charcoal. This is to be expected from the world leader in beef production thatTexas is renowned for tasty steaks. Many people like to cook BBQ on gas or electric grills but the wood and charcoal grills are most widely used to prepare the dish. The preferred types of wood used in the preparation of barbeque are hickory, mesquite, maple or apple. The type of wood is the reason for the difference in tastes of the dish. The flavor of the cousin can only be achieved by using the appropriate type of wood in the grill. The other reason for the good taste ofTexas style BBQ is the fact that it prepared on low temperatures for longer periods of time. Low temperatures means that the meat will cook perfectly. This helps to achieve perfect tenderness even to the most inner parts of the meat cuts. Cooking on low heat also means that the fats melts on the meat and add to the taste of the cousin. One precaution has always to be taken that flame of fire should never touch meat because it will burn and taste awful. 

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