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Milwaukee has been a top of the line manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial and personal power tools for over 85 years.  Originally started after the successful creation and launch of a new portable power drill, the company has continued in leaps and bounds continuing to make innovation of the highest quality tools its main focus.

In 1995 they were bought by Atlas Corpo for a brief period of time and eventually they ended up becoming a subsidiary of electronic manufacturing giant Techtronic Industries.  Techtronic Industries is a world leading manufacturer and trader of electronic equipment and various products.  They have a common interest in Milwaukee and what they’re capable of achieving due to their other technologically based subsidiaries, well known power tool manufacturers Ryobi, AEG Power Tools and Homelite.

While the business is based in Wisconsin primary production continues to take place in Mississippi in two separate locations.  Distribution centres are still located in Olive Branch, Mississippi and Hoeselt, Belgium where their parts and equipment are shipped worldwide.

With over 1,000 employees, a product range with over 500 tools and 3,500 accessories they are a stable forward-thinking company with a focus on quality and customer service.  This has lead to a continued presence in global tool market as they continue to innovate and improve the current power tool standards.

Starting out by constructing their ever successful pioneer one-handed portable drill affectionately known as the “Hole-Shooter”.  From there their range has exploded now producing drills, saws, hand tools, heavy duty nailers, pneumatic tools and the list goes on.

Also competitively priced in the power tool industry Milwaukee have invaded the industrial workplace as well as the home environment with their reputation spreading over into the domestic market.

A definite front-runner in the competitive industry of industrial power tool supplies they have cemented their brand with modern designs, the highest quality and a solid history in the industry.

Alex W lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Alex partnered with Get Tools Direct in 2009.

Get Tools Direct have over 25 years experience in the power tool and heavy machinery industry.

For anything related to Milwaukee visit Get Tools Direct at http://www.GetToolsDirect.com.au



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