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Chinese breakfast Beijing style China – China delicious breakfast – ( in Beijing China ) Breakfast in China : enjoyed Chinese food immensely including succulent tasty delicious breakfast herein Weixian Hebei –
China has many ( and when I say many – I mean many ) different regions with numerous different cuisines. A lot has been said and written about it – yet all the words can not make up for the delicious food and variety of dishes one can imagine.
Every city in China hosts a variety of different restaurant, each style being different. What we in the West got to know is a few Chinese cuisines known to us, amongst them :
1) Cantonese Chinese food
2) Mandarin Chinese food ( Beijing imperial cuisine )
3) Sichuan Chinese food
There are thousands of different varieties we don’t know about.
As one who has been in almost each province in China, I can say with certainty :
The longer you know China and taste its cuisine – the more you realize you do not know Chinese food at all.
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Learn Chinese With Chinese Video Courses

From beginner to advanced levels is an excellent, all-around online environment for learning Chinese. The Pod101 platform, method and technology provide the necessary tools to get you immersed in the Chinese language and achieve the goals you desire and/or require.
How to learn Chinese through Chinese video courses?
Survival Chinese Video Courses will enable you to conduct and understand simple communication tasks in daily life, such as self introduction, asking directions, exchanging money, ordering food, making appointments, making phone calls, shopping and simple bargaining exercises, expressing likes and dislikes, visiting hospitals, etc.
Survival Chinese video course focuses on teaching frequently used words and phrases in daily life, specifically catering to the needs of surviving in China. The course will help you conduct basic communication tasks in daily life, such as self-introduction, asking directions, making hotel reservations, exchanging currency, ordering food, etc. The course is arranged in a way that is easy to follow and digest. After completion of the course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese to the extent that is necessary to survive in China.
Chinese Pinyin video course focuses on teaching the Chinese phonetic system. Our professional Chinese teacher will teach you consonants, vowels, tones, etc. The course is designed for Chinese learners who have never been exposed to Pinyin or those who have not studied Pinyin systematically. By the end of the course, Chinese learners can master the Pinyin system and the course lays a solid foundation for future learning.
Have you ever found yourself lost on the information highway? Sometimes its like trying to drink from a fire hose! Hundreds of bookmarks, all with varying levels of quality and credibility. You finally find a great site, but it only updates once a year! offers users one stop studying. The learning center has been carefully designed to provide you with the resources you will need to take your Chinese to the next level

eChineseonline is one of the online companies to help people learn Chinese through Chinese video course, here are some great ways to learn Survival Chinese, Chinese Pinyin video course focuses on teaching the Chinese phonetic system. Survival Chinese video course focuses on teaching frequently.



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Chinese New Year Cards

One thing that is common with Chinese people are their value for family life. Every Christmas and new year, they will abandon all their activities and expend their time with their families. Most of them travel to their hometown to visit their parents and grandparents. And to experience their cultural display and hometown’s activities.

To every Chinese, new year is a great moment of thanksgiving to their gods for giving them yet another year to live and see the sun shining each day. Every new year season, all  member of a particular clan in china will gather to offer sacrifice to their gods, while their priest will pray a prayer of protection against any ill attack that might come upon their clan member in the present new year. After the clan meeting and gathering, a feast will be held to complete the new year merriments.

For the love of carat and martial art in china, most Chinese are fond on using Christmas and new year period to practice and participate in martial art activities. Some communities will engage in a competition to determine the winner or the strongest man/woman in their community. 
Chinese new year parties holds after the celebration of the new year parties and event in some other countries. This general celebration doesn’t permit business or work activities. As everyone one is expected  to leave business and work behind and participate in their masquerade dance and parade. 
Chinese new year cards sell very much due to their appreciative nature and communal living. Chinese new year cards are created with Chinese language, writing and illustrations. If you love  Chinese way of life or you are from china, this moment of new year is the perfect time to express true commitment in a relationship with friends and relatives. By ordering our well-designed Chinese new year cards, you will experience an amazing moment of new year. Create a new year shout to your distant Chinese friends today.


Author enjoys writting about various subjects and holidays. Author inviting you to visit 365greetings to send send free cards your relatives and friends